Back in the December of 2019, when the news of the novel coronavirus had started doing the rounds, little did we know that it would bring along with it, a series of long drawn and perhaps, never ending implications. While schools shut their doors to the happy bustle of their pupils and offices asked their employees to relocate to their homes even for the purpose of work, the world had seemingly come to a stand-still. However, that wasn’t the case for people like you (the incoming batch of oh-so-amazing learners) and me.

In the same context, might I ask as to what exactly comes to your mind, when you hear the word, “Interview”? If I am not very wrong, you might just picture a well-dressed, perhaps bespectacled interviewer questioning and cross-questioning an interviewee in a face-to-face setting. Needless to say, such wasn’t the case when I had appeared for the selection process at ICFAI Business School, Bangalore, around 10 months ago. Like any other interaction that used to be held in a physical format previously, selection procedures of B-schools across the country and the world had shifted base entirely to the online mode.

To be honest, it was altogether, a very different experience. In what sense you ask? Well then, allow me to elaborate.

Candidates were asked to prepare a 10-minute micro-presentation for the esteemed interviewers to judge their communication abilities/skills. This was followed by a quick interactive session to understand the candidate’s overall knack of pursuing a highly competitive course like an MBA/PGPM and whether or not he/she had it in him/her to pursue the same till the very end. In this context, I must add that the institution left no stone unturned to conduct a seamless selection process in terms of operational excellence. Every candidate was given a Zoom link and was invited to speak accordingly. Coupled with that, amiable and patient interviewers made the process easier, especially for a candidate who might be jittery on the D-day.

Fast forward to December 2021, the day I am penning this piece for all of you to read: It would be quite an understatement to say that it was an exhilarating experience so far, at IBS-B. Contrary to popular belief, I consider myself lucky that in my 20+ years of education (and work), I have had the chance to be in a physical setting as well as in an online system.

While studying online here at IBS, the administration of every class starting from the drawing up of the section wise class schedule to making session recordings available on our intra-learning management system, the eye for detail of the Academic team is impeccable. Despite falling short on the aspect of attending physical classes and the traditional methodology of gaining knowledge, every professor here at IBS-B made sure that we learnt and learnt well. Even when the institution decided to adopt a hybrid system of learning, catering to the offline as well as online needs, the strategy and the near perfection with which this approach was adopted, surprised many. Classrooms are well equipped with giant-smartboards and microphones so that the students who decide to attend their classes offline as well as those who cannot, can all learn in equal measures.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that hard times befall us more often than not. Whether or not we leverage what we have and make full use of the available resources or simply decide to give up and pine, it is completely our call to take! After all, as the famous footballer, Pele had once rightfully stated, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrificing and most of all, love of what you’re doing or learning to do!”

Sneha Das
Section: B
Enrolment ID: 21BSP3447
Batch of 2021-2023

My first ever online interview!

Firsts are always scary. And so was this! At least this was how I imagined it to be. Dreaded how will things fall into place. Of not knowing zoom at all, to now being an equal partner. My mind hadn’t been that disrupted like the way it was then. To be unable to answer questions like- how will this go? How will I look? Will I be able to pour my thoughts rightfully to the interviewee? Only I wished someone to save me from the anxiety. And then, there my turn came in. It said and I quote “Radhika un-mute yourself” and it was like I’d lost the power to follow it. Alas! My zoom ditched on me. It wasn’t working, and I thought id lost it. I have lost my chance, it’s over. Then a moment later I received a call, the person said to log in again. And I precisely followed what he said. And there were the faces who, I guess waited so patiently when my zoom hung up on me. They had a warm smile to make me feel at ease. I never imaged it would start at a pace so normal and comfortable. My fear, anxiety had all turned into a feeling which didn’t want the interview to get over. ‘Ask me questions’, was all I wanted. The way they drove the interview had my mind blown, they didn’t make even a question difficult to answer, as if like I’d prepare for it for almost always! The trail had to come to an end, and so warm greetings were exchanged with a click on the red button on the screen.

Radhika Mehra

An adventure from above and beyond

“I solemnly affirm that the facts which I shall give to the reader shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”

I believe that it is my sole duty to introduce IBS to everyone out there who is not aware of it, because I will be graduated by the time you read it, so I have nothing to lose! Let me state the obvious, the pandemic hit us two years back and blah blah blah, we switched to online mode, nobody saw it coming but everybody had to deal with it, and so everyone did! And IBS did it in a unique way possible. IBS made sure that each and every one of us gets the quality of education and experience it has promised. I believe that we the batch of 2020-2022 are amongst the lucky ones because we experienced corporate world through a different perspective, watched it through a different lens and dealt with it through different approaches.

IBS gave me a special experience, I call it ‘ online rendezvous ’, where I faced the world, interacted with it, got to know the depths of business all within the four walls of my home. IBS taught me that if I want to fly, I don’t need to go on a mountain cliff, I just need to have wings, wings of curiosity, will power and constant learning mindset.


Name : Karina Malik


IBS never failed to amaze students in any sense. IBS Selection process was very smooth and convenient. From the registration process to all the document submission , the college helped me at every stage. The selection process comprised of presentation , followed by an interview. It was a new kind of evaluation and the college gave us freedom to choose a topic according to our choice and share real time experiences. I was quite nervous , but the interviewers were very welcoming and boosted up my confidence during the whole process. The whole interview went very well for me. The best part was the result was announced in just two weeks and I was all set to start my journey at IBS.

I was quite nervous to start my MBA with this online medium. I never thought that IBS will make it so smooth and zoom will start to feel like our actual classroom. My learning experience has been great so far, Quicforce has actually become my best friend. Special thanks to our professors who are a constant source of motivation and always keep us going. IBS is not just restricted to studies , beyond the study hours the weekly webinars are very informative and have given me a chance to gain knowledge. The case study method helps us to think beyond textbooks and apply all our skills, it just opens our minds and is helping all of us to be corporate ready. The variety of clubs IBS offers has helped me to enhance my knowledge and gain confidence in whatever I do. So far , the experience has been great and appreciative, Not going to lie but joining IBS has changed my life in the best way.


Name : Sonali Khurmi
Batch : 2021-2023

IBS made the online selection process feel like a breeze…

Being caught up with all the exams and admissions amidst the pandemic was rather daunting. There was a ray of uncertainty with all the exam patterns changing and processes delaying. However, ICFAI Business School came up with a commendable response to the ongoing pandemic by taking the online approach to the selection process. I admired how the IBS team communicated all the necessary information in a crystal clear format.

Even before the selection process began, all the applicants were invited for the Selection Briefings, which deemed itself to be quite fruitful in terms of what we could expect from the MBA programme in general. The virtual auditorium was an interactive platform that informed the students about all the relevant details. It was a kind of a seminar that provided much-needed guidance to the students and also briefed them with the tips and inputs for the selection process. In the hindsight, it becomes crucial to attend this for all the prospective candidates to clear any ounce of doubt they might have.

Now, the experience of my Selection Process was well organized and swift. We were allotted different slots and sessions according to which we were expected to log in within our time frame. Soon after logging in through the link provided in the IBS portal, the panellists allowed me into the online room to conduct the personal interview. I was asked varied personal, technical and management level questions along with the presentation that I had prepared. In about fifteen minutes, I was done with the process. The way everything was meticulously organized felt like a breeze to go through.

After my selection, we had classes on the online platform. IBS provided all the required academic tools to substitute for the in-person classes. All the study material, relevant notes and case studies were systematically arranged on the Quicforce platform provided to all the students. When the hybrid mode of attending classes was in effect, the presence of Digital Boards in the classrooms delivered better readability and clarity to all the students such that we shared a similar learning ambience be it online or offline. Availability of such digital resources and equipment certainly helped in better understanding of the fundamental concepts during consultations and doubt-sessions. Furthermore, there were no qualms or hesitations in visiting the campus as all the covid protocols and norms were strictly enforced by the campus security.

Overall, the way IBS handles its operations makes me proud of my decision to associate myself and my career in the hands of this esteemed institution.

Sahil Jassal

Ushered hybrid education at IBS Gurgaon

Joining a post graduate program in the pandemic kept students deprived of the necessary exposure they must get to develop in an all-inclusive manner. The conventional classes were not viable for a long time for the past year and yet; IBS Gurgaon is conducting classes in the hybrid mode to make sure the students who could afford to travel to the premises had full opportunity to attend physical lectures, which in real time were also streamed on zoom as online classes. This innovative method of teaching allowed students to visit the college as they please with the proper guidelines of Covid safety being followed from entering till exiting the gates of the premises.

“Teachers made sure that their attention, while taking a hybrid session, is not biased in any form towards either side, the students who study online are as well ushered as the ones in the campus and I can attest to this as a fact having experienced it firsthand.”

IBS Gurgaon in the early stages of the pandemic handled the completely online mode of classes and examinations in a razor-sharp manner wherein no stone was left unturned by the faculties and the management to deliver the best possible material, guiding the students along every step. The online selection process for getting into the campus is also very smooth and has improved with every passing session with the institution being increasingly sensitive towards the pre-requisites of admission seekers.

The cutting-edge tech set up to deliver classes; which includes a digital board is decisive in consulting students’ doubts and maintaining a fine balance between the online and offline studies where, in the latter, one can consult with faculties personally anytime with all the Covid protocols being implemented strictly with the right protective equipment.

Start-ups by IBS Alumni – Series 8

Name : Mr. Maneesh Srivastava (Batch 2006- 2008) IBS Gurgaon
Startup : Alphavalue Consulting Private Limited

About the Startup:-

AlphaValue Consulting started in 2020 is an International Valuation and Transaction consulting firm with its headquarter in Delhi NCR, and branches spread across all major cities in India. Alpha Value is a group of experienced professionals who have rich experience in Transaction and Valuation Advisory. Alpha Value is equipped to deliver the best possible customized solutions which satisfies the need of client within the preview of Indian as well as international legal standards. In support to start up India mission, organization do handholding of start-ups and act as their mentor in enacting and validating their business models. Organization advise them to meet all the regulatory requirements with regard to valuation and growth prospective.


Name : Mr. Ankur Jain (Batch 2009-2011) IBS Gurgaon
Startup : Tracker Box & Campus Box

About the Startup:-

Tracker box is a team of young entrepreneurs who are passionate to deliver best quality GPS based vehicle tracking system, a solution which helps in better management of business, better management of business fleet and better management of organization resources. Tracker box is the best in class GPS (Global positioning system) service provider to give seamless experience to track vehicles. The tracker box is the leading GPS based vehicle tracking solution which takes care of all organization fleet management related requirements. Campus Box develop and provide automated solutions for educational institutions in order to provide an environment where on one hand the parents can be assured about safety of their children and feel continuously engaged with their child’s growth and on the other hand, schools can bring in operational efficiency in their day-to-day processes.

Start-ups by IBS Alumni – Series 7

Name : Tanmay Kandpal (Batch 2016-18) IBS Gurgaon
Startup : Creating Talks (First level funding by Delhi Government)

About the Startup:-

We, at Creating Talks, aim to bridge the gap between academic learning and practical knowledge by gifting the magic of ‘experience’. This gift will challenge our audience, let them expand their horizon of knowledge and help them think differently by fine-tuning their skills. We help them connect to their like-minded mentor, who are domain experts, will enlighten them and who have collective knowledge spread over many years of experience. These gurus will be sharing their experiences and profound knowledge through curated videos on our platform, which audience can access till their hearts content at a nominal subscription fee. However, each domain specific video will be streamed on a particular day on our website in the view to benefit everyone. We want to simply imbibe and build consciousness on the subject of Experiential Learning.


Name : Rakesh Mittal(MBA BATCH 2008-2010) IBS Dehradun

About the Startup:-

Rakesh Mittal, an alumnus of IBS Dehradun MBA 2010 batch, worked for almost 3 years into real estate industry and developed an interest to start his own business and apply all his learnings from his previous job roles to build up his own business. As it is said “To win without risk is to triumph without glory”, as a result Rakesh’s company is classified as Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Delhi. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 100,000 and its paid up capital is Rs. 100,000. It is involved in Real estate activities with own or leased property. [This class includes buying, selling, renting and operating of self-owned or leased real estate such as apartment building and dwellings, non-residential buildings, developing and subdividing real estate into lots etc. Also some inclusions are development and sale of land and cemetery lots, operating of apartment hotels and residential mobile home sites

Start-ups by IBS Alumni – Series 6

Name: Ananya Kataria(MBA BATCH 2010-2012) IBS Dehradun

About the Startup:- “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.- Ananya Kataria an alumni of IBS Dehradun, MBA batch 2012 on working in the corporate sector developed the liking for sales and exploring new ways to do it. As a result of internships and other experiences, she understood the need of sales and the new ways that can be brought for the public hence she decided to excel her career into Digital Marketing. As on date Ananya runs a Digital Agency that helps Small and Medium Sized Businesses Multiply their ROI via Digital Channels. The speciality is the Digital Sales Funnels (customized to business needs) She knows the websites and the Linear Way of generating sales. Since it is so focused and clear in communication, it leads to much higher conversions in Sales. There are a whole lot of Digital Marketing Services that Asmidigital offers which includes Website Designing/Development, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Copy Writing, High Quality Content Writing, E-mail Marketing, Designing

About the Startup:- I am glad to have graduated from such a good and reputed institution and under your guidance. I got placed in Capital First Ltd later known as IDFC First Bank Ltd. After completing 1.5 years with the company, I decided to do what I always wanted to do i.e. start my own venture and be an entrepreneur. I had contacts and basic knowledge in the packaging field. With knowledge in sales, marketing, accounts, designing and good technical skills I decided to start my own company with the name of Sterling Corrugation Industry (P) Ltd. We specialize in manufacturing fully automated corrugated boards and boxes for companies like Maruti Suzuki, Honda, Perfetti, 1mg, Hindware and many more. I am one of the leading companies in Haryana. IBS gave me vast experience and knowledge to take this step and do what I always wanted to do.

Name: : Ruchir Goel (Batch 2016-18) IBS Gurgaon
Startup: : Sterling Corrugation Industry (P) Ltd

10 Reasons To Choose IBS Gurgaon!

 Freshly graduated? I know the feeling. A day of feeling accomplished followed by a race for the best possible MBA colleges. But what really defines a good college? Is it just the ranking we see on various websites and journals? Should we blindly follow what everyone else is doing? If yes, then where is the X factor that we keep hearing about? What’s so special about us that makes us different from the crow we are competing with?

Or is there more to it? Of course there is. Now I know choosing a good college can put a lot of pressure on us. And why not? It basically paves way for the rest of our lives. And many times you’ll hear your elders talking about how if you don’t get into an IIM or some cream college, your life is over. We hear that so much that we actually start believing it. But let’s stop and think for ourselves…is it really true? The answer is no. You are the only one who decides how your life is going to pan out. Yes a good college is an added advantage, but let’s not start giving up just yet.

This brings me to my earlier question. What defines a good MBA college? Well, following are 10 points that, in my opinion, are ‘must have’ in a good college and why I chose IBS Gurgaon. Check these out before you take a leap of faith.

  1. Academic structure-While I was looking for a college I was sure to check out its academic structure. It is essential that the curriculum of the college should be competent and rigorous enough to push you to achieve your highest potential. This information can be easily available on the websites of the college and brochures.
  2. Extra co-curricular activities- Some of us might not be too much into extra curriculars, but believe me, you cannot neglect it and hope for an overall development. Being an admirer of the arts, one of my major concerns was about the clubs that my college had and I was pleasantly surprised that it had about 19 of them! It is a great way to tap into a student’s interests.
  3. Practical knowledge- Just like all of you, I had about 18 years of theoretical knowledge and wasn’t very keen about getting 2 years worth more of it. Therefore,I looked for a college that gave the practical approach its due importance. Making students create and present various projects is an effective way of making them come out of their shells. Not just that, IBS Gurgaon makes sure that the group members are constantly rotated to get them comfortable with working in teams.
  4. Industrial visits- Familiarising the students with how the industry works is essential so that they can put whatever they havelearnt into perspective. And you’d be surprised at how efficiently these industries have to work in order to compete in the market. On one such visit to mother dairy, I could not help but marvel at how something as small as a carton of milk, has to go through a series of complicated processes before it reaches the market. And the scale of the operations was wondrous!
  5. Guest lecturers– Knowledge being passed on by experienced and well established professionals in the various fields of an industry is a treat to a student hoping for a bright career. So I also looked at the various guest lecturers that came to the college to talk to the students.
  6. Return on investment- Well…its just another term for what we look at first while comparing the colleges- placement packages. What we fail to realise quite often, is that we must compare and weigh them according to the investment made. For example, if a college demands a fee of 7 lacks for two years and provides you the opportunity to get a job that pays about 5-8 lacks per annum, I would say its a decent deal. I use the word opportunity because at the end of the day its your own potential that gets you a job. A college is merely there to help you reach your goal. Brand value is another factor you may want to consider.
  7. Faculty support-I believe that the support of the faculty of any college plays a vital role in the development of a student and how he performs. Accessibility, not only in classes but also outside of them is very important. My college, for example, has a great practice of allocating a mentor to each student where they can voice their concerns in a one on one chat without any hesitation. I think this sense of security goes a long way in helping people find their confidence.
  8. Summer internship opportunities- Summer internships are an indispensable part of your MBA life. The right exposure can turn into a great opportunity. So checking out the companies that come to college for internships is very important. One of them just might be your future employer!
  9. Alumni network- Finding out how spread out the alumni network of a college is- as well as how they are doing in their respective professions- can give you a fair idea about the college.
  10. Extra opportunities-I would also advise you to observe if the college takes any extra initiatives to give their students an edge that other colleges might not. I was constantly on a lookout for such opportunities- an online internship or volunteering maybe- that would give my resume an X-factor. Never had i expected that such an opportunity would present itself right where I was. I was able to apply and get selected for an internship with my college, without having to compromise with my studies. Now that’s something you don’t find everywhere!

After having considered these points, I’m sure you’ll be able to make an informed decision. Good Luck future managers and choose wisely!

Mritunjai Rai

Class of 2018