Management Education for an Upward Career Graph

canstockphoto18593550Management Education for an Upward Career Graph, I am sure the blog title reads like a cliché which almost every management school and university is talking about. Despite knowing the fact, I decided to write on this title as it keeps it simple and make most sense. A management degree certainly provides the required push to your career, the only matter of difference is this – how sure you are about this decision and how you tread on the career path.

MBA program is truly a phase of self-reflection.

To reach out where one wants to reach in life – one needs to be sure of what makes them happy and provides with the best of opportunities for a successful career. A management program certainly deals as the best resources for an individual to self reflect and assess the capabilities and interest levels.

The Program Design is such that it puts the students into real life business situations, the practices like case studies, competitions; team functioning etc puts one into a situation where lot of self-reflection happens.  Through this design, a student gets ample of opportunities to take up different kinds of assignments, work with various kinds of team, and explore the various career opportunities. Some gain the business intent and start working towards their entrepreneurial ventures.

General Management as a Resource for Career Development

The first year in a management program is about the basics in any career move. This covers the essentials in management and the focus is on basic grooming of a college pass-out, a fresher and sometimes a business person to experience and lead the career path more confidently.

Basics work as the significant ingredients of a career development resource. It is the beginning of an era of life-long networking, where an aspirant learns to work with cross-functional, cross-cultural teams and also leads towards realization of her the leadership potential. During the general management education phase – an aspirant gets a chance to investigate the interests, skill-set required and those which needs to be further acquired or polished to work efficiently on the personal plan of the program candidates.

Electives Empowering the Career Goals

The electives in MBA education add required power to the careers. The choice of an elective is the starting point for an upward growth movement. It opens the avenues further and hence marks the beginning of a new era – be it career, business or a self employment. You know what you want out of it and you are all geared to explore the chosen world. Choosing the electives also mean that a candidate will be taking up the internships and research project from the relevant industry, which would mean more exposure in the chosen area of work. These projects and sometimes On the Job trainings help when we jump into the real world and it is because of these lessons – we are ready to face the world from day one. Unlike other B-schools where the internships are of 3-4 week, IBS offers 3.5 months of Internship Projects which changes the mindset of the candidates and put them into real life corporate situations ranging from achievement, learning, peer pressure etc. More importantly, it is part of curriculum at IBS and for regular students the placements in the top-notch companies is offered free of cost.

Similar to these Internship Projects there are Management Research Projects at the end of the program which teach more about the research and documentation. Similarly, though there are limitations in terms of attendance but a student is allowed to take up industry projects during the class curriculum for almost 14 hours a week.

This industry experience place the students a step higher in the corporate hierarchy and they lead the fresher teams as they have the technical know-how and also share better relationships in the job area.


Mentoring may be a term which came into picture a little later but it certainly works in the benefit of the students. A mentor is your first career counselor who helps you through-out to make a distinct career path. A mentor helps you in taking some initial difficult decisions of the career. They not only track the candidate’s performance and help them in excelling as per the corporate guidelines but they also help in key decisions pertaining to people skills, role rotation, client servicing, working in team etc.

A mentor works on all the personality and performance aspects of a candidate. They teach them the basics of management in the corporate world. Mentors are the first guides of real career life and hence are considered as the first movers of your career graph. A good mentor can make or break the career slope – s/he enacts as the guiding light. At IBS, it is must for a student to have 2 guides – one from the faculty side and other from the company side during the internships. The candid conversation for 3.5 months help one builds a relationship of trust and the student can turn to their mentors for candid conversation, second opinions on career moves and also career advice.

An MBA offers numerous such opportunities to have lifetime mentors and in-fact, candidates can make the best of mentors from among the seniors, faculties, counselors or the industry guides. 

Alumni Strength

Alumni Base in an MBA college works as an asset in any career graph. A student can consult, follow, take guidance and use the alumni base network – in any choice of career.

A good alumni base helps in job change, gaining company information, connecting with the right people, discussion and advice on the entrepreneurial ventures, one can also look for co-founders in the large alumni base an MBA college offers.

The various reunions & meets helps keep one connected and these events also work as the possibility of brainstorming sessions with the like-minded people. An alumna can help in making right career choices – be it a job move or an industry switch. The huge network strengthens the career decision and sometimes raises alarm.

All the above points help MBA candidates to move their career upwards. By seeking possibility and constant industry updates – a management degree certainly helps in shaping the career graphs. Some of the colleges are now offering specialized streams which act as the add-ons to a candidate’s career goal. And a management degree certainly impacts the career outcome in a big way.

Contributed By : IBS India

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