Faculty Development Program held at IBS Mumbai

A Faculty Development Programme on “Innovative Teaching Methods” was organised on February 28, 2013, at IBS Business School, Mumbai for teachers of degree colleges.

The one-day programme included sessions on Teaching through the Case Study Method, Experiential Learning and Technology in Teaching.

In his keynote address Prof Y. K. Bhushan, Senior Advisor and Head, IBS Business School, Mumbai, reminded the academicians on the joy of teaching and the need to innovate in the classroom.

Dr. G.C. Nag, a senior Faculty Member at IBS-M, gave an introduction to the Case Study Method of Teaching, followed by an engaging demonstration of the Case Study Discussion by Dr Samta Jain.
Prof Rita Rangnekar conducted a team-building and survival exercise to drive home the impact of experiential learning and simulation and assert the role of the teacher as a facilitator in the learning cycle.
Prof. Kavita Venkatachari discussed and oriented the academicians present on new technological resources and support systems available to teachers to enhance teaching effectiveness and encourage creativity.

Sessionwise description

Session One – Teaching through the Case Study Method – Dr. G. C. Nag In an overview to the the case study method of teaching, Dr.G.C.Nag, Faculty Member IBS M, spoke of the inception of the case study, the preparation needed to manage a case study discussion, the infrastructure, administration and evaluation pattern while using a case study.

Session Two – Teaching through the Case Study Method – Dr. Samta Jain Dr Samta Jain, demonstrated how a case discussion can be made interesting and different, for an optimum learning outcome through the use of innovative techniques and different audio-visual tools.

Session Three-Experiential Learning – Prof Rita Rangnekar Prof Rita Rangnekar, illustrated the role of the teacher as a facilitator in guiding students through the experiential learning cycle to gather their own information and data, analyze and learn from it, through a team-building exercise depicting a survival scenario.

Session Four – Technology in Teaching- Prof Kavita Venkatachari Prof Kavita Venkatachari encapsulated how the latest technology can be used by academicians to bring a teacher’s creative into play, through the application of cloud technology, conducting online education, and the use of the electronic whiteboard to solve teaching problems. She provided information of various links, websites and learning support systems.

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