Start-ups by IBS Alumni – Series 6

Name: Ananya Kataria(MBA BATCH 2010-2012) IBS Dehradun

About the Startup:- “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.- Ananya Kataria an alumni of IBS Dehradun, MBA batch 2012 on working in the corporate sector developed the liking for sales and exploring new ways to do it. As a result of internships and other experiences, she understood the need of sales and the new ways that can be brought for the public hence she decided to excel her career into Digital Marketing. As on date Ananya runs a Digital Agency that helps Small and Medium Sized Businesses Multiply their ROI via Digital Channels. The speciality is the Digital Sales Funnels (customized to business needs) She knows the websites and the Linear Way of generating sales. Since it is so focused and clear in communication, it leads to much higher conversions in Sales. There are a whole lot of Digital Marketing Services that Asmidigital offers which includes Website Designing/Development, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Copy Writing, High Quality Content Writing, E-mail Marketing, Designing

About the Startup:- I am glad to have graduated from such a good and reputed institution and under your guidance. I got placed in Capital First Ltd later known as IDFC First Bank Ltd. After completing 1.5 years with the company, I decided to do what I always wanted to do i.e. start my own venture and be an entrepreneur. I had contacts and basic knowledge in the packaging field. With knowledge in sales, marketing, accounts, designing and good technical skills I decided to start my own company with the name of Sterling Corrugation Industry (P) Ltd. We specialize in manufacturing fully automated corrugated boards and boxes for companies like Maruti Suzuki, Honda, Perfetti, 1mg, Hindware and many more. I am one of the leading companies in Haryana. IBS gave me vast experience and knowledge to take this step and do what I always wanted to do.

Name: : Ruchir Goel (Batch 2016-18) IBS Gurgaon
Startup: : Sterling Corrugation Industry (P) Ltd

10 Reasons To Choose IBS Gurgaon!

 Freshly graduated? I know the feeling. A day of feeling accomplished followed by a race for the best possible MBA colleges. But what really defines a good college? Is it just the ranking we see on various websites and journals? Should we blindly follow what everyone else is doing? If yes, then where is the X factor that we keep hearing about? What’s so special about us that makes us different from the crow we are competing with?

Or is there more to it? Of course there is. Now I know choosing a good college can put a lot of pressure on us. And why not? It basically paves way for the rest of our lives. And many times you’ll hear your elders talking about how if you don’t get into an IIM or some cream college, your life is over. We hear that so much that we actually start believing it. But let’s stop and think for ourselves…is it really true? The answer is no. You are the only one who decides how your life is going to pan out. Yes a good college is an added advantage, but let’s not start giving up just yet.

This brings me to my earlier question. What defines a good MBA college? Well, following are 10 points that, in my opinion, are ‘must have’ in a good college and why I chose IBS Gurgaon. Check these out before you take a leap of faith.

  1. Academic structure-While I was looking for a college I was sure to check out its academic structure. It is essential that the curriculum of the college should be competent and rigorous enough to push you to achieve your highest potential. This information can be easily available on the websites of the college and brochures.
  2. Extra co-curricular activities- Some of us might not be too much into extra curriculars, but believe me, you cannot neglect it and hope for an overall development. Being an admirer of the arts, one of my major concerns was about the clubs that my college had and I was pleasantly surprised that it had about 19 of them! It is a great way to tap into a student’s interests.
  3. Practical knowledge- Just like all of you, I had about 18 years of theoretical knowledge and wasn’t very keen about getting 2 years worth more of it. Therefore,I looked for a college that gave the practical approach its due importance. Making students create and present various projects is an effective way of making them come out of their shells. Not just that, IBS Gurgaon makes sure that the group members are constantly rotated to get them comfortable with working in teams.
  4. Industrial visits- Familiarising the students with how the industry works is essential so that they can put whatever they havelearnt into perspective. And you’d be surprised at how efficiently these industries have to work in order to compete in the market. On one such visit to mother dairy, I could not help but marvel at how something as small as a carton of milk, has to go through a series of complicated processes before it reaches the market. And the scale of the operations was wondrous!
  5. Guest lecturers– Knowledge being passed on by experienced and well established professionals in the various fields of an industry is a treat to a student hoping for a bright career. So I also looked at the various guest lecturers that came to the college to talk to the students.
  6. Return on investment- Well…its just another term for what we look at first while comparing the colleges- placement packages. What we fail to realise quite often, is that we must compare and weigh them according to the investment made. For example, if a college demands a fee of 7 lacks for two years and provides you the opportunity to get a job that pays about 5-8 lacks per annum, I would say its a decent deal. I use the word opportunity because at the end of the day its your own potential that gets you a job. A college is merely there to help you reach your goal. Brand value is another factor you may want to consider.
  7. Faculty support-I believe that the support of the faculty of any college plays a vital role in the development of a student and how he performs. Accessibility, not only in classes but also outside of them is very important. My college, for example, has a great practice of allocating a mentor to each student where they can voice their concerns in a one on one chat without any hesitation. I think this sense of security goes a long way in helping people find their confidence.
  8. Summer internship opportunities- Summer internships are an indispensable part of your MBA life. The right exposure can turn into a great opportunity. So checking out the companies that come to college for internships is very important. One of them just might be your future employer!
  9. Alumni network- Finding out how spread out the alumni network of a college is- as well as how they are doing in their respective professions- can give you a fair idea about the college.
  10. Extra opportunities-I would also advise you to observe if the college takes any extra initiatives to give their students an edge that other colleges might not. I was constantly on a lookout for such opportunities- an online internship or volunteering maybe- that would give my resume an X-factor. Never had i expected that such an opportunity would present itself right where I was. I was able to apply and get selected for an internship with my college, without having to compromise with my studies. Now that’s something you don’t find everywhere!

After having considered these points, I’m sure you’ll be able to make an informed decision. Good Luck future managers and choose wisely!

Mritunjai Rai

Class of 2018

Start-ups by IBS Alumni – Series 5

Ms. Ginni Dhir (Batch 2016-18)
Startup: ClosetByGinni

About the Startup:-

Closet by Ginni: We are a one-stop shop for all that a woman needs in her closet. The agenda of my start-up is to provide each and every accessory a female need. Since it is a newborn company, we are currently restrained to only clothing. We offer selective, hand-picked, in trend fashion solutions from across the globe. We deal in import as well as manufacture our own collection. Being a Fashion avid, we try to offer all types of clothing that are ideal for various occasions. Our long term plan is to supply our collection internationally. Anyone from India has access to all our products, right now- we ship across the nation. You can check out our collection on Instagram- @Closetbyginni. You can select any product(s) that are listed and message us to place an order. We serve High-quality products at an affordable price. We are scaling and our website will be launched by the end of this year.


Mr. Chandan Kalia (Batch 2017- 2019).
Startup: KRSK Tech Labs.

About the Startup:-

RSK Tech Labs started in 2019, is a realistic and result oriented digital marketing agency based at Gurgaon and Una. Company cater clients with a unique blend of creativity, technology digital content and data expertise. Organisation ensures the brand experience is delivered consistently, efficiently and professionally across all channels. RSK tech Labs provide services to start-ups, individuals, medium based organization and large corporates. Services provided by organization is Digital PR / Consulting, Mobile marketing, Web development. Main motto of RSK Tech Lab is to do work with fineness and perfection.

Achieve Greater Career Growth through MBA/PGPM

These days if you ask students what they want to do after completing their graduation, and many of them will say that they want to pursue MBA/PGPM. MBA/PGPM is one of the most sought-after courses today. It is as much a craze among the fresh graduates as it is for the professionals. MBA/PGPM is mostly linked with the career development of professionals. This is why individuals even after gathering years of experience in their career, opt for an MBA. Let us check out some of the things that can be achieved by doing an MBA.

Career prospects

As already mentioned, doing an MBA/PGPM is one of the best things you can do to take your career ahead. We can find MBA/PGPM graduates in senior management positions in any organization. There are in fact companies that hire only MBA/PGPM graduates from some of the best business schools in managerial positions.

Salary growth

It has been found that MBA/PGPM graduates earn better salaries than individuals who do not have an MBA/PGPM degree. So, if you are not very happy with your current salary growth, maybe you can opt for an MBA/PGPM degree.

Change in career path

If you think you are not satisfied where you are and want to switch your department, you can opt for an MBA/PGPM. For example, you are working in the HR department of an organization but the role of a Marketing Manager fascinates you, you can choose a specialization in marketing and further take up a role in the Marketing department.

Transferable skills

As you do an MBA, you will have a better understanding of the industry. Eventually, you will also develop leadership skills and will have in-depth knowledge of management strategies and analysis. While doing the MBA course, you will also have to work on various team projects. This will help you to improve your team management skills.

Boost your networking

When you do your MBA/PGPM, you meet with fellow students who are also in the same phase as you. Some of your guest lecturers may be senior managers, directors, even CEOs of some companies. This will give you ample chances to widen your network. After all, networking is one of the most significant things that you should focus on.

What should you expect after doing an MBA?

To complete your MBA/PGPM successfully with good marks, you need dedication and hardwork. You will also be required to work on so many projects that it will give you a strong idea of the business world. If you are entrepreneurial, you will be able to understand how business works, and what steps you should take to start your venture. MBA/PGPM also shapes up the personality of the candidates. Last but not the least, you will find a huge difference in your career growth and the opportunities you get in the future.

Nevertheless, you need to make sure that you pursue MBA/PGPM only from a reputed business school. You can appear for the MBA entrance exams such as GMAT, CAT, XAT, IBSAT, etc. For experienced professionals, there are also some great executive MBA programs of shorter duration. You can get more career fulfillment and enjoy greater career growth through this course.

Start-ups by IBS Alumni – Series 4

Ms. Kirti Rana (Batch 2016-2018).
Startup: Enlign with Kirti

About the Startup:-

Kirti is an alumnus of the MBA class of 2018 from IBS Jaipur. During her studies at IBS, she discovered her passion for soft-skills training and a keen interest in human resource development. After her campus placement, working in the industry, she identified the skill-gap between corporate expectations and competencies that new recruits brought to the table. Combining her passion and market gap, Kirti founded Enlign with Kirti as an offering which aims at breaking learning barriers of trainees, helping them to communicate effectively, leading to a more wholesome growth path, both professionally and personally. Enlign with Kirti offers training to entrepreneurs, new professionals entering the corporate world and young minds in their adolescence for greater personal, social and professional success.


Kunal Kumar Singh (2006-2008).
Startup: KKS Capital Advisory Private Ltd.

About the Startup:-

Started in 2013, KKS Capital is into Taxation and Corporate Law advisory services. The company specializes in providing customized advisory services to MSMEs and startups. With the use of digitization along with the government’s thrust on compliance as an opportunity, the company has expanded its services and clientele rapidly. Today, it is advising more than 100 startups for compliance on taxation and corporate laws. KKS Capital has two offices in Gurgaon and Noida, with a team size of more than 30 people managing more than 4000 clients including Companies, Firms, HNIs and Individuals.

Start-ups by IBS Alumni – Series 3

About the Startup:-

Mr. Tanuj Gupta (Batch 2004-2006) Startup: Fin Partnerz

Started in 2017, Fin Partnerz is into offering advisory services to MSME’s, corporates in form of managing their financial requirements and advising them on various aspects of finance, industry, regulatory environment etc. Company also provide financial advisory, mortgage lending, finance consulting, business consulting, insurance and project management services. Finpartnerz cater to all MSME companies, Medium & Large Corporates. Company clients are Manufacturers, Service Providers, Traders and Retailers from all sorts of industries


Mukesh Hari (Batch 2016-2018). Startup: Ashtrix Robotics

Mukesh Hari ,our alumnus from the class of 2018 is the co-founder of Ashtrix Robotics and Research Centre that provides training for school and college students and technical platform integration for schools and colleges

How a B School helps you to mold your career?

It was the batch of 2006- 08 and a hall full of new faces glowing with aspirations, dreams, breakthroughs, and excitement for the upcoming two years of our MBA journey. I so clearly still remember the opening speech by our Dean, and a few of his lines would always stay with me. One of the many points was a realization which was not something unknown but usually, we never tend to scrutinize, and it is that “Right now we have a hall full of people coming from various fields, some of us are engineers, some BCAs, some B.Sc./ M.Sc. in Life Sciences, some B.Com./Mcom, and even few doctors. It is like gazing upon a rainbow, and we all are here to learn and train ourselves in one concept. As if, we all are coming together and filtering the broad spectrum into a bright beam of white light. MBA is a course which is lesser academics and more redefining yourself, a course which has the potential to polish everyone and has a curriculum which is a basic growing requisition in every industry and domain.” It has been more than a decade now, and the statement holds stronger than ever with the passing time.

Honestly, getting through a good B School could be competitive and challenging but for the ones who qualify; those 2 years of holistic exposure and experience certainly prepare you primed to hit the industry with a visibly stronger edge. Right now there has been a growing need for workforces with multiple competencies. One individual who stands deliverable in varied parallel fortes which needs to move forward together would mean an asset to his or her firm as that coherently saves time, investment, and cost for the firm. This is where a good choice of B School like ICFAI Business School (IBS) has a major role to play in grooming you in every parameter. By now it is no confession to hide that only core subject knowledge is sometimes isn’t enough to help one to grow and achieve when you are subjected to an array of highly zealous competition. Let me elaborate on certain elements (if not all) which a B School gathers together to bring for you like a bouquet.

Executive Communication: Persuasive skills are something which some people are born with but trust me it’s a rare phenomenon. However, I have no right to dispirit anyone because this is one of the basic things which B School teaches you, the power of expression. Innumerable opportunities of public speaking and discussions through presentations, case study brainstorming, etc. are certain conducts that provide immense scope for polishing one’s communication skills and effective convincing skills all geared up. Personality development programs, mock interviews, and project presentations are a few curricula that add value to one’s power of communication.

Reality Check: Real-life case studies, simulation case studies are some basic picks which is a trend with most B Schools now, where one is tested upon their response and the course of action for the solution of the problem. Some competitive B Schools such as ICFAI Business School (IBS) have intensive programs such as summer internships. Usually this last for 10 to 14 weeks and are a part of the 2 year MBA curriculum wherein the students are placed in firms from various industry starting from banking, consumer goods, Pharma to telecom through the School. The student is assigned to be a part of a certain ongoing or new project wherein he/she has to keep in touch with the faculty at campus and the mentor in the firm to monitor their progress and help them with inputs which would further allow the student to add value to the project and individual growth simultaneously. 

Skill enhancement: Most of the competitive B Schools right now do have tie-ups with the best of national and international firms/ personnel for training the students well versed with varied skills. And yes these programs are just not power talks but are extensive short-term certification projects in various domains such as IT, banking, and also certain firm-based customized programs. This exposure weighs a lot heavier than it sounds. Imagine you get the opportunity to learn programs like SAP, ERP, or Tally from the core professionals with a certificate acknowledgment too. Plus you gain your spread across domains that initially otherwise had no connection with your basic academic education. It certainly gives an added start to your portfolio altogether.

Beam as a team: Be it any industry and any domain a team player is everyone’s choice and a happy employee. While if you don’t perceive yourself as one, B School is a place where it allows you to test your possibilities you weren’t aware of maybe. The person sitting next to you could be anyone and a person of a mix you never met before. Maybe he/she is a B. Tech in Chemical Engineering or maybe an MA in History while you are a commerce graduate and the youngest chap in the class. So here is your moment to learn, to cope, to know, and to explore more about so so many various fields and their functionality. Such situations are the best place to learn to cope in the various team set up and even in building up a potential team based upon the need of one’s project and the leverages required for the same. This is one of the very important skills required in real-time where we need a consolidated team of people who have an edge on different levels rather than everyone being on the same plane. B Schools today focus on creating an environment that is multi-cultural and multi-talented which enhances the maximum real-time learning for the students.

Business School is certainly existent to trim out the best version of you and to arm you well enough to be desirable and a great addition to your association in your near future. There is no doubt to it. Hope I could put a good light on a few points which add value to your career and make it clearer for you now to make a good decision of choice.

Start-ups by IBS Alumni – Series 2

About the Startup:-

Chinmay Bhatt & Abhinav Midha (Batch 2004-2006).Start-up: Shopholix

Shopholix is an online shopping portal which promises to bring happiness to its customers, as their website says, “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, didn’t know where to shop from!!” Chinmay and Abhinav consider the 2 years spent at IBS Gurgaon instrumental in embarking on Shopholix. Chinmay is a marketing professional with over 10 years spent across Retail and FMCG industry. He is also the founder of Indiyra, a wellness brand focused on lifestyle products based on yoga and Ayurveda, the products being sold through major e-commerce portals like Jabong, Flipkart and Amazon. Abhinav is Co-Founder & Director of Food Intellect India Pvt Ltd. He was part of the core team to set up the first South East Asian QSR Chain in India under the Brand Name “Bowl House” which is currently successfully operating with 5 outlets across India.


Darshan Bawa (Batch 2007-2009).Startup: Bodhishishu

Darshan Bawa, , an alumnus from the class of 2009 is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on wellness. She is the Founder of Bodhishishu, which is the children’s meditation wing of Chanshi Meditation Organisation. Her venture is currently being incubated at IIM-Bangalore’s NSRCEL. Bodhishishu offers age appropriate, structured meditation programs, specifically designed for kids in the age group of 4 to 12 years. Bodhishishu compliments conventional schooling by providing Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) for overall development of children. Based on the ‘play and learn’ methodology, their techniques are not only fun and simple, but are also very highly effective.

Start-ups by IBS Alumni – Series 1

Since its inception in 1995, IBS has been one of the best B-Schools in the country, providing excellent academic delivery and infrastructure to its students. At IBS, we offer innovative and globally accepted programs and great opportunities for all-round development. 100% case-based learning is unique to IBS. IBS transforms its students into leaders of the future.

As a first in a series on IBS Alumni start-ups, we present success stories of some notable entrepreneurs.  

Dr. Bikash Sharma (Batch 1998 – 2000), Start-up: iDeliver Services and IAMA

iDeliver Services, launched in 2005 is an IT and IT Enabled Services organization having to its credit the launch of the first operational international call centers in Puducherry (Pondicherry), Dehradun and Colombo (Sri Lanka). It also serves its clients in North America offering IT and Technical Manpower Solutions. Dr. Sharma serves the organization in the capacity of its CEO. Since his early working days, Dr. Sharma had a keen inclination towards education and wanted to do something which would make education more practical, dynamic, boundary less and affordable for all. His dream became a reality with International Academic and Management Association (IAMA) which was established with his efforts in the year 2013. Today, IAMA under his stewardship, has its footprints in over 43 countries offering its services to nearly 200 educational institutions, benefitting thousands of students globally.


Shailaja Awasthi (Batch 2006-2008); Startup: Stories Design Studio

Shailaja Awasthi is an alumnus of IBS Bangalore from the class of 2008. She is the founder of Stories Design Studio. She creates spaces that speak about people who live in them and get inspired by them. Her work blends nature, science, art, mythology, and technology. Before turning to entrepreneurship, she worked with some of the world’s leading international and national brand and design powerhouses.

Significance of an MBA for Budding Professionals

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular courses that individuals do these days. It is has become one of the favored postgraduate degrees that everyone wants to pursue, even the Engineering graduates. Have you thought about the reasons behind the immense popularity of this particular course? Well, to explore the answers to this question, let us find out the importance of an MBA by discussing the various benefits of this course.

Boosts self-confidence

Doing an MBA surely boosts self-confidence. Even after completing higher education, students still struggle in improving their communication skills, leadership skills, and organizational skills. However, to hire employees in an organization, these skills are much required. Filing in these basic skills can affect the career journey of the candidates. However, when you do an MBA, all of these skills are enhanced. It further helps in grooming you and you will have higher employability skills. Overall, you will feel more confident about yourself.

Domain knowledge

Having domain knowledge is one of the most important things that help in shaping your career. If you do not have domain knowledge, chances are higher that you will fail miserably. When you do an MBA course, you get the chance to choose your preferred specialization and you will be provided with in-depth knowledge about the specialized subject. While doing an MBA, you will come across various types of specializations available from which you can go for your preferred one. The kind of specializations you will get while doing an MBA are Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Management, etc.


While you do your MBA, you have to attend classes and study sessions regularly, complete your assignments on time, and do rigorous and complex coursework. And if you are a working professional, you have to do all these while keeping up your work. To do everything properly and without fail, you need to be extremely self-disciplined.

Time-management skills

While you are doing your MBA and juggling the various responsibilities, along with self-discipline, you also need to have great time-management skills. Even if you are not at it, to begin with, you will develop the skill of meeting steep deadlines.

Broader worldview

As you do your MBA, you get to handle big business problems, and challenges that are part of the real world. Even if you are a student who has completed graduation and directly taken admission in an MBA school, you will be able to see how an organization works.

Widening your network

As you are earning your MBA, you get in touch with faculty and fellow students. The fellow students in your batch can be from your particular industry or other industries. This will not only help you to widen your network but also to know about other industries.

Better job opportunities

The majority of the companies these days prefer candidates with an MBA from a reputed B-school for some of the key positions.In many cases, it has also been seen that many candidates do not get their promotion so easily because they did not have an MBA degree.

Better salary

It is a fact known to all of us that MBA graduates get a salary better than candidates who have not done it. There are some of the departments in any organization where you need candidates with MBA and these are the departments that pay the best salaries in the market.

Better personal finances management

When you do an MBA, you not only get better at your respective job but also managing your finances. Through the coursework, the candidates become good at risk assessing, understand the way interest rates and inflation work. They also understand how to respond to market fluctuations.

These are some of the factors that make an MBA one of the significant courses for budding professionals or someone at the early stage of their career. There are many benefits of getting this degree included in your resume however the management institute that you get your MBA from makes a big difference. The right business school can also connect with you with a stellar alumni network that further opens many doors for you. You can look at some of the best MBA colleges for taking your career to the next level.