Coaching or Self-studies-MBA is complete basics game!

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Now when you have persuaded yourself about the MBA being the right weapon in your armoury, knowing more about the functionality of this weapon plays a major role. MBA, a highly competitive course, has always attracted a high number of applicants. Each year lakhs of applicants try their luck in MBA entrance exams. Several Fortune 100 chieftains say that it was the MBA that opened the door to opportunities that otherwise may have been closed to them. But it was no cake walk. For, placing yourself above the crowd it is important to clear the entrance exam with flying colors. Knowing how to prepare for entrance exam of the MBA is the best way to ensure your success.

Whether you have decided to join a coaching institute or you are determined enough for self-studies, getting into MBA revolves completely around the basics. Having the understanding of basics of subjects, general knowledge and economy can be a cherry on top before appearing for MBA entrance. The best approach while preparing for MBA is to clear the basics of every subject combining with speed and accuracy. As per the MBA experts, there is nothing new in MBA entrance exams which were not taught in schools and graduation. However, the approach taken and time required in solving questions plays a major role. Proficiency in this field can only be achieved through continuous practice.

Rohan is a MBA aspirant and will be appearing for a B-school entrance exam this year. While preparing for the exam, Rohan faces a repeated problem. He has to solve a question 5-6 times before getting a right answer and every time the mistakes are very silly. Rohan sought a solution from his uncle, a MBA graduate and consultant in a top company. Respectively the reply was lack of understanding of the basics, approach towards question and practice of the subject.


As mentioned above, clearing an entrance exam is not difficult but requires practice and exposure to a variety of questions. Learning the approach is more essential than learning a problem. One of the key areas tested in MBA entrances is arithmetic situations. Having a sharp command and interest in arithmetic is a definite plus for preparing for MBA. In addition to it, mastering aptitude and basic business mathematics concepts like profit & loss, Interest calculations etc. is a great advantage. Another key area is Logical reasoning. In most of the entrance exams finding the best solution to a tricky situation is tested. These skills need to be polished for clearing the MBA entrances. English language and general knowledge is as always been crucial for the candidates looking for clearing the MBA entrances. A candidate is expected to be fully competent in English. Reading comprehension, questions in verbal ability, vocabulary and actual usage of words should be brushed while preparing for this section in the exam. Therefore, reading articles, books and newspapers helps a lot. Having the general awareness is also important while preparing for MBA entrance exams. Though, GK has not been included in most of the entrance exams, it is tested in interviews. One need not to be an expert but should be aware of basic day to day activities globally.

Furthermore, Next step is to evaluate one’s learning style. It can be easily done basis one’s personality and past experience. Do you understand better when you are alone or you can grasp the concepts better in a group? Analysing your mode before starting preparing for entrance exam will help to smooth sail through hurdles. This will indeed help you in deciding whether to join a coaching institute or doing self-studies?

Self study work best when one is determined and self disciplined to study on his own. Any B-school entrance exam requires 4-5 hours of preparation daily. Abhinav Mittal, a top B-school entrance exam topper says “dedication and focus is necessary for all those preparing by themselves. Mock tests should also be solved to analyse and work on one’s weak areas”. Having a self-critic eye to learn from mistakes is a vital part of self-studies. Utmost, staying self- motivated is crucial for self-study.

On the other hand, Coaching provides you a disciplined environment and expertise faculties where you can study with time management. Moreover, coaching helps you to assess your preparation by providing timely test series and mock preparation programs. Since In most of the entrance exams knowing the approach to solve any question is important, coaching helps one to develop the fundamental concepts. Nevertheless, coaching classes will not ensure success if you are not revising and analyzing the work taught. Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review are considered salient steps while preparing for MBA. Survey implies going through the study material and its sections then asking questions related to the material you just went through. In the next step reading the material and then reciting the answers of the questions that came into your mind. Reviewing means getting back to each chapter and making mental note of major points. This style can be cultivated for future as well for both self-studies or coaching.

So, finally you know how to enter a lion’s den but isn’t it essential to know how to survive there? In the conclusion, besides clearing the entrance exam having the basic knowledge of economy, team building, and entrepreneurship will be an advantage. One of Immelt’s classmates in Harvard’s Class of 1982, Jamie Dimon, now CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase, said he never came to class unprepared. You will always find a competitive spirit as it is in business in a MBA class. Being well versed with everything will definitely help you place above the crowd. Additionally, learning from students already pursuing MBA can be a great rescue. A lot can be figured out by other’s experiences.

Hence, no matter if you are preparing under a mentor or mentoring your preparation, basic skills and knowledge contributes in MBA program. Indeed, everything from starting from preparation to classrooms revolves around basics.