A day in a Tv Channel

screen people and the life beyondTelevision.. We love to watch it and also we all are so curious to know about the on screen people and the life beyond. This is the industry which never stops operating and the content is shown 24*7. So it is very tedious to be working with the tv channel. Beyond the glamour aspect of this industry, you would like to know how does these tv channels make monies? Before that let us start from scratch to what does it sells? The tv channel sells the value to the clients and this value is sold the basis the veiwership it gets on content that it airs.

What is the content and how it is made?

Content is the tv shows that we see. A production house(like balaji, sagar prod., endemol) makes the content and then it sells the content to the channel and channel airs the content and earn through the advertising space it sells between it. There is a science behind making the content. To understand the science let us first understand the TV viewing audience, we have two types of audience group- HSM and ESM, hindi speaking market and english speaking market respectively. India being more HSM, the hindi GEC(general entertainment channel like star plus, life ok, zee tv) delivers more numbers when compared ro any English channel or any niche channel. The content on English channel is mostly bought from the foreign production houses and is just aired on the domestic english channel. Example zee cafe bought friends season 5 from the production house to air it for two years repeat in say Rs. XXX, and hence the channel will air it for two years and make profit by selling the advertising space. On the contrary, the content on Hindi channel is made either by the channel or it is bought from the production houses like balaji etc and the content is made by the coordination of the production department of the channel and the creative time of production house.

Types of Content?

Now that we have understood about the types of indian tv audience, there is two types of content : Regular shows and Impact shows. Regular shows are those which are aired on regular basis and have no defined pre decided end. They are made basis the creative department of the channel and production house. The story varies basis the ratings it deliver every week. These are mostly the fiction shows like sasural simar ka on zee tv and diya aur bhati hum on star plus. On the contrary, impact shows are shows which have a defined episodes like big boss, indias singing superstar which have a defined end.

What is ratings and how is it calculated?

TVR(television veiwership in ratings) is the percentage of the people watching a particular show at a particular time period from the total tv viewing audience. TVR is calculated from TVT(television veiwership in thousands), tvt is basically a number given by TAM(total addressable market).

mediaWhat is TAM?

TAM is a software that gives the ratings. The TAM basically operates on the sampling method. The TAM people have installed the receptors across india in the various houses with varied type of the audience watching the TV. For an example, a house has a peoplemeter installed and a kid of 15 years switches on the TV and watches cartoon network. The People meter will deliver this to the receptor and hence will result in the overall ratings of the cartoon network in its T.G. The people meter are so densely installed that the samples are approximately accurate.

A day in a TV channel in sales profile:-

Well as a sales executive in a TV channel, there is so much of the stress and yes you need to be friends with stress if you got to survive, as the revenue generating department you need to be very sound. From the weekly ratings of your channel to the ratings of the competitors you need to be totally aware. Your day just starts by reading afaqs, what is the indian media upto, who is joining where , which show is performing good, any latest innovation etc. because when you go for meetings, the media agency people and your clients just discuss whats happening around and your knowledge about the industry and beyond can only hold the conversation for long, as this industry only works on your relations. You need to be sound about the target audience of your various clients, there spending pattern, months when they are active etc. this all information comes when you meet the clients and agency people on the regular basis. Yes you need to manage your meetings because a campign missed by you will get you in trouble. This is the harsh industry which listens to no one and hence needs even the impossible of work in place. I will not be politically correct, there is lot of internal politics, a hell lot compared to any other industry and you just need to survive the way out. People management is the most difficult and highly important thing which one needs to grow in this industry. There is a lot of politics and stress yet its addictive. The world of media and entertainment is hard place to be and also a hard place to leave.

Media- The most Growing and lustrous industry to be in:-

As a fresher when you go out looking for the job and I am sure most of you tend to fit in the space anywhere basis the package you are offered and not the exposure that you would get. Media is the place where the learning and monies both walk hand in hand. Being the mode of entertainment, Television channels make good revenues and they do not mind paying well too for the quality resource. Above all the media agencies handle the multiple clients so they need to walk in the clients shoes to deliver the media plans. Hence it’s a great learning as a brand consultant as one has a great role in the marketing decisions. Plus as a fresher when you get to do lot of the analysis, ground work, brain storming sessions, get to meet some senior people at corporates. It definitely gives you a higher exposure for a leap in your career.

Contributed by Rahul Wadhwa, (Class of 2013, IBS GURGAON)

MBA is an indispensable part of Digital World

mba in digital worldWe are breathing in a digital age today; we are connected to each other virtually. This digital connectivity reaches the far corners of the globe.  With advent of smart phones, people are becoming smarter with each passing day. They carry google in their hands. Now digital is shaping the world. Many businesses are run on the grounds of their digital presence. To live in this digital era companies are embracing techniques to digitalize themselves. Consumers have the tools to assess what we call the absolute value of things. Now consumers can behave rationally they can search and look for things they need. Customers are smart and need a customized solution every time.  In your career graph add MBA as a booster for your career growth. In this Digital era ideas can shape and come out in concrete as you can share and get ideas appreciated through digital channels. We have examples of E commerce market which started from an idea of selling online and now we all shop online.MBA gives you an edge in Digital age

The Digi-Connection:

How MBA and digital age is connected to each other. The answer is quite simple. With advent of new techniques and customer centric markets these days companies are looking for MBA‘s to churn out good business for them. Master’s in Business Administration will chisel you to make you a right fit for this industry. Every individual has a great potential,now any individual can think of starting their own startup business.MBA not only add skills, this coveted degree will give you marketing insights, consumer know how, mind set and much more understanding on how to market your business. If you see yourself as a digital marketer then as a duty you have to learn new communication technologies continuously and develop skills to anticipate and adapt quickly. Learning through case studies, interviews from renowned university will prove beneficial for your growth.

Learning with new experiences each day:

MBA gives you holistic learning of industry and industry verticals. Once you gain knowledge of this industry then you can look for opportunities in particular sector. Many entrepreneurs are also looking inclined towards MBA. It is a highly relevant innovative degree that prepares candidates for success in an ever changing professional field. It provides a powerful skill set in new marketing ethics in the emerging digital field and it will raise your value with potential employers..MBA contents and curriculum is so formulated that keeps you updated with ongoing activities around you. We may have a lot of knowledge about brands but how brands are building themselves is the learning in MBA.

If you are willing to stand firm in competitive world then new hires should have a flare towards technology and new age marketing. For such requirement of skill set one must undergo MBA as it is need for hour.  The classroom discussions and presentation will make you more of people person. When you are among different mindsets then convincing them will be a new learning.

The MBA journey is in itself a learning experience, every day with each session you will increase your knowledge reservoir with new concepts that are applied in marketing and branding of business. You will be enriched and learned with interaction and intellectual debates with your professors and peers at a B-school. Next, the pedagogical methods employed in B schools are very innovative and effective – these include case studies, presentations, projects, research papers etc.

MBA fueling your Career Growth:

MBA degree has a lot of earning potential in it.  Market always offers challenging and rewarding jobs for MBA grads. We’ve found that MBAs have the skill-sets to approach a wide array of projects from a multiple functional standpoint, as opposed to just being skewed to finance or accounting specific approach”. they tend to be better communicators; not only understanding or analyzing a problem and coming up with a solution, but being able to pitch it, sell it, and build interest. Quantifiable salary increases. MBA Programs not only help business leaders grow, they help them make significant career transitions, find a new job or garner a promotion, or launch a new business.

MBA in digital world

MBA for Entrepreneurs (OTB thinkers):

MBA has a strong connection with this digital era as you need to unbolt the bolts of thinking pattern for business.Today entrepreneurship and innovation has a lot of value when we talk about such OTB – out of the box thinking people like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak come to mind. Such prominent people have not just given the new ways of developing ideas into business. This era will make figure out the new and the awesome ways of engaging people and ideating & strategizing for good business growth.  When an idea come in a concrete form and gets applied then you need a business mind to set up it from the scratch. Being an MBA always give a firm support as you will know A to Z of your business. Moreover every business faces major challenges like technological changes, competitors entering the market, shifting economic trends. Entrepreneurs who have prior knowledge of such factors affecting their business would be able to safeguard business. MBA degree will make you a ready resource for your company or business. The extra plus which is required to stand out in the crowd will be earned through such programs. Entrepreneurs or budding entrepreneurs will be able to understand value of customer and branding activities. The edge will be in application of theories which you have studied and how to imply it for good return on investment. MBA creates your own brand image as your career will step up the career ladder, you will eye on different gaps that other companies are not covering up. You attain right exposure and fall in right network so it helps in your own personality development. Business only flourishes when you have a network of people.

In IBS you will learn best of practices to enrich your Knowledge and IBS will make you right fit for industry. In digital world even sky is not the limit so take off and soar high with an MBA program.

Contributed by Sonali Jain ( Class of 2014, IBS GURGAON )

Being Focused in a Hyper Connected World

Hyper Connected World


In terms of connectivity and communication our world has been transformed in last decade. With the advent of the Internet, a new era of communication started in early 2000s which was later compounded by social media and great innovations in mobile telecommunication industry.

Today we have to admit that we are living in a hyper-connected world with data and information available on our fingertips. With a simple touch we can access and utilize terabytes of data which is available literally for free.

And now, the entire human society is faced with even bigger challenges i.e. how to analyze this data, and how to be focused in this era of hyper-connectivity and social media revolution. In this article I will focus on the challenge of ‘Being Focused in a Hyper Connected World’.

Today students and professionals are connected with their social acquaintances via mobile phones, various texting apps, internet platforms like Emails, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Hike, YouTube, WeChat etc. And their daily duties and activities are greatly affected by this online connectivity. According to various studies an average person checks his mobile phone more than 50 times a day for various reasons. For today’s generation the first thing after getting up in the morning is to check mobile phones and so is the last thing before they go to bed.

There is Terabytes of information (Authenticated and Unauthenticated) available for their consumption in almost every possible manner. There are Photos and Videos, Blogs and Texts, Mails and Socially shared information about billions and billions of people on the internet. This presents us with a great opportunity to connect and collaborate with each other to come up with great solutions to the problems of the mankind. But it also threatens us in more ways than one; it takes away our invaluable time which otherwise would have been spent on books or sports, leisure or physical activities, offline socializing, human interaction and for social causes.

Utility of Connectivity 8

We have to objectively think – What is the utility of being connected to our acquaintances online, what should be the amount of time we spend on our social connections Vs. our Personal Development, What is the opportunity cost of being connected to friends online, What is the outcome of being connected to those strangers on the cyber world which can harm the society in an unprecedented manner, Is our online communication adversely affecting our health and well being, How is our psychological and immediate (OFFLINE) social life is affected by this online connectivity. Human being is the only species in the planet with most sophisticated communication channels, methods and tools. But we have to think that due to this hyper connectivity – Are we the most blessed species as well?

Consequences of Hyper connectivity

Today one small beep on a smart-phone can distract an individual and take away his precious time. Data shows that employees and students are not able to focus on small issues for a decent period of time and that their problem solving abilities are badly affected due to such distractions. Activities like problem solving, and analyzing complex issues require incremental amount of time to reach to the solution. Each incremental hour spent on a problem solving/creative activity becomes more and more important because that is the only way to reach a state of mind where solution appears for the first time.

Following are frequently reported problems due to this hyper connected world:

  • Decreasing time of focused activity
  • Less Productivity due to distraction
  • Inferior Solutions
  • Increased cost of production
  • People having a lot information but no idea how to utilize it for their betterment

Being Focused In a Hyper Connected World 9

If we want our next and current generation to be relevant and productive, we need to encourage them for being focused for a long period of time at once.

Following are a few methods or techniques that one can deploy for being focused in this hyper connected world:

  • Dedicated time and span for online activity: One needs to analyze his/her schedule and daily productive activities. They should abstain from any kind of social connection like Facebook and Whatsapp during their most productive hours. For example one should check these tools and platforms 15 minutes in morning, 20 minutes in the afternoon, 25 minutes in the evening. This is only a suggestion; time spent in morning/afternoon and evening on online activity may vary from person to person as they have different daily routine and different lifestyle.
  • Fixed frequency: One needs to diligently define her/his own acceptable frequency for checking these social media apps. Ideally (If not used for business and personal development purpose) one should check on these apps only 3 times a day, that too not for more than 60 minutes per day.
  • Utilize online platform for personal development, learning new skills, and being trained on new technologies which helps you to become a better professional or student rather than connecting with friends for gossiping, following strangers etc. There is a ton of knowledge and information available online, which can be used for our own self development so that we can realize our dreams and fulfil our aspirations.
  • Goal setting for your online activities: Things like monitoring the time spent on different online activities and its repercussions, minimizing non-productive activities on the internet etc. will help students to come up with a better strategy to allocate their time for their online activities.
  • Every user of internet and these social media platforms should be aware of his/her online activity because they are closely being monitored by websites like Facebook, Google, etc. These companies use this data to influence your buying behaviours. I believe now things are not bought online rather they are sold (PUSH MARKETING) online. Most of the times users end up buying things they never needed. This encourages consumerism and wasteful allocation of resources like money and time. One should be extra cautious of this phenomenon.
  • Being connected to more and more online communities or groups in your own field of occupation helps individuals to remain focused about their fields of business and being aware of the industry trends. For students they should try and access online data for researching the activities performed across the globe. They should avail the benefits of watching videos/lectures/seminars, reading course materials related to their subjects and courses online.

In the end I would like to emphasize the importance of being focused by saying that – Today every bit of information is available for billions of people, and only those people will win in tomorrow’s marketplaces that are focused, well informed, and ruthlessly passionate about the work they do. And Internet might be a boon or bane in deciding that. So be focused and do not take your eyes off your goals. Internet, telecommunication and online world can tremendously help individuals professionally, economically and socially but we have to make a conscious effort for that.

Contributed by Avdhesh Shukla ( Class of 2009, IBS BANGLORE )

Advertising in Today’s world


“Advertisements are messages paid for by those who send them and are intended to inform or influence people who receive them”

(Advertising Association of the UK)

Advertising is a form of marketing communication which is used to influence viewers to take or continue some action, usually with respect to a commercial offering, or political or ideological support.

The ad world is made of agencies that create the advertisements, media that carries the ads and a host of professionals like copy editors, visualizers, brand managers, researchers, creative heads and designers who take the last mile to the customer or receiver.

A company that needs to advertise itself and/or its products hires an advertising agency. The company briefs the agency on the brand, its imagery, the ideals and values behind it, the target segments and so on. The agencies convert the ideas and concepts to create the visuals, text, layouts and themes to communicate with the user. After approval from the client, the ads go on air, as per the bookings done by the agency’s media buying unit.”

Different types of Advertising Media

  • Print
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Bill boards, signboards etc
  • Modern Advertising Media
  • Internet and Social Media
  • Events and Campaigns
  • Print

Print publications such as magazines, newspapers and Special Issue publications offer advertising opportunities at all geographic levels. Magazines, especially those that target a niche or specialized interest areas, are more narrowly targeted as compared to broadcast media. Newspapers have also incorporated colour advertisements, though their main advantage rests with their ability to target the local markets.

  • Television

Television advertising offers the benefit of reaching large numbers in a single exposure. Yet because it is a mass medium capable of being seen by nearly anyone, television lacks the ability to deliver an advertisement to highly targeted customers compared to other media outlets. However, television remains an option that is best for products that are targeted to a broad market.

  • Radio

Promotion through radio has been a viable advertising option for over 80 years. Radio advertising is mostly local to the broadcast range of a radio station, however, at least three options exist that offer national and potentially international coverage. In many countries there are radio networks that use many geographically distinct stations to broadcast simultaneously.

  • Bill boards, signboards etc

The most obvious method of using signs is through billboards, which are generally located in high traffic areas. Outdoor billboards come in many sizes, though the most well-known are large structures located near transportation points intending to attract the interest of people traveling on roads or public transportation. While billboards are the most obvious example of signage advertising, there are many other forms of signage advertising that include: Plastic bags used to protect newspapers delivered to homes, Advertisements attached to grocery carts

Modern Advertising Media:

  • Internet and Social Media

The fastest growing media outlet for advertising is the Internet. Compared to spending in other media, the rate of spending for Internet advertising is experiencing tremendous growth. Internet advertising’s influence continues to expand and each year more major marketers shift a larger portion of their promotional budget to this medium. The Internet offers many advertising options with messages delivered through websites or by email.

  • Website Advertising

Advertising tied to a user’s visit to a website accounts for the largest spending on Internet advertising. For marketers, this medium offers many options in terms of advertising.

  • Email Advertising

Using email to deliver an advertisement offers the marketers an advantage of low distribution cost and potential high reach. In situations where the marketer possesses a highly targeted list, response rates to email advertisements may be quite high. This is especially true if those on the list have agreed to receive an email, a process known as “opt-in” marketing. Email advertisement can take the form of a regular email message or be presented within the context of more detailed content, such as an electronic newsletter.

  • Events, Campaigns and Sponsorships 5

A subtle method of advertising is an approach in which the marketers pay, or offer resources and services, for the purpose of being seen as a supporter of an organization’s event, program or product offering. Sponsorships are intended not to be viewed a blatant advertisement and in this way may be appealing for marketers looking to establish credibility with a particular target market. However, many sponsorship options lack the ability to tie their spending directly to customer response. Additionally, the visibility of the sponsorship may be limited to relatively small mentions especially if the marketer is sharing sponsorship with many other organizations.

The advent of Internet has created new avenues for new advertising. Popup, Flash, banner, web ads, adver-gaming, and email advertisements are now common. Predominantly because of the rise of “entertaining advertising”, people like an advertisement enough to recommend it to a friend.

With the development in the social media, the world of advertising has also seen a massive change. If a company is not on the internet, it ceases to exist. The modern way of advertisement has created an even battle ground for the small as well as the big players. Advertising on the internet is not just cheaper as compared to the traditional way of advertising like Television but also cheaper than Radio and Print media. The visibility and the presence are huge and smaller companies are able to do business globally.

The Advent of Social Media Advertising :Social media signs

In today’s world of technology, social media has positively influenced the advertising industry. With a single click of a button, you can grab attention of lakhs of people. There are many videos which have created buzz among everyone with people becoming celebrities overnight such Psy of ‘The Gangnam Style’ fame and ‘Why this Kolaveri Di’). Social Media Advertising plays a huge role in creating new customers and retaining the old ones. It is a full-time commitment in which companies get a platform to interact with their consumers. One can like, follow, add a friend, tweet, hangout, check in, join and connect with all their biggest fans. Social Media Advertising will take your business to the next level.

Facebook and Google have created business models for companies to advertise globally. So it can be concluded that social media will be dictating terms in term of advertisement and visibility of products and thus act as a catalyst in increasing sales and revenues for companies.

Contributed by Roopesh Rao  ( Class of 2007, IBS GURGAON )