In 2022, ICFAI Business School completed its 25 years of glory and marked another achievement in management education. All the nine campuses celebrated the Silver Jubilee of ICFAI Business School with pride and respect, remembering the founder of ICFAI Business School, the Late Prof. N. J. Yasaswy.

Every occasion becomes an extraordinary one with the efforts and memories attached to it. Celebrating a span of 25 years in itself is a golden occasion. To commemorate the auspicious Silver Jubilee of ICFAI Group, IBS Gurgaon was pleased to conduct an enthralling Mini Marathon on January 6th, 2023.

The marathon was a torch relay to spread peace and prosperity.

The enthusiasm was not just shown by the students, but the same energy and zeal were also witnessed by the faculty members as well. Several faculty members participated in the marathon.

The Mini Marathon organized at the IBS Gurgaon campus was inaugurated by the Senior Director, Prof. S.C. Sharma.

Ready. Set. Go!

With the announcement of the Senior Director sir, the Mini Marathon was commenced by all the participants with great energy.

The euphoria of all the participants following their energized spirit marked a vigorous beginning of the Mini Marathon of  5 km., starting from the IBS Gurgaon campus, covering 5 different checkpoints in its route in approximately one and a half hours.

All the participants running in the Mini Marathon were provided with a mini refreshment kits.

The Marathon was divided into 5 checkpoints. These checkpoints were situated at every kilometer by the route map. These checkpoints consisted of students and faculty members to cheer the craze among the participants.

Marathon also unveiled the importance of the health benefits, which it  brings along. It includes physical benefits as well as mental health benefits.

It’s rightly said, ” Running for something bigger than you is a great way to stay motivated and dedicated, making your running and races even more meaningful.”

Marathon also proved to be a rejuvenating break for all the participants from their daily routine to opt for something different yet productive. It turned out to be an effective one ultimately energizing the participant’s soul for the next coming days.

Taking initiative and running for a cause helps in generating a positive attitude and also helps in inculcating positive energy and motivating oneself towards adopting healthy habits eventually creating a strong positive base.

Wondering for a wonder,

Astonishing wonder you are.

Looking for thunder,

Booming thunder you are.

This initiative taken by the institute to celebrate the occasion of the Silver Jubilee created a dynamic, sparkling, zestful, healthy and lively environment in the institute.

It also improves memory and ability to learn. It also boosts a person’s feeling of happiness and makes the mind feel better. Such outdoor activities also reduce anxiety and depression. These activities help to maintain a healthy relationship and let oneself spend quality time with himself/herself.

All the winners (both faculty and students) of the Mini Marathon were felicitated with a trophy and a certificate as a token of appreciation and taking an initiative for a good cause. Participants wholeheartedly participated in the event which was evident during the Mini Marathon.

Mini Marathon conducted by the Institutional Building Cell along with the Students Council of IBS Gurgaon. The smoothe conduct by the organisers derives applause. It was conducted smoothly. The organising committee did a commendable deed.

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Ishita Jain

Batch 2022-24

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