One of the most important competencies for managers nowadays is networking. Organizations anticipate that employees will interact with and make contact with those they work with. This can include customers, sellers, business partners, and government representatives. Individuals in a person’s network frequently receive business possibilities. So, in a situation when someone is trying to create a business, networking becomes a crucial ability. Both parties benefit from the relationship, making it a trait that everyone should possess.

Two years of MBA/PGPM offer an opportunity to connect and interact with a variety of people like faculty members, seniors, fellow classmates, alumni, guest lecturers and various industry experts. Stepping into a completely new environment, adapting to the surroundings and making new connections can be an overwhelming experience. But if we face our fears and step out of our comfort zone, we will be amazed by the effect networking can have on our professional and personal lives.

Networking is the most valuable characteristic an MBA aspirant or student can possess, here’s why:

  • Networking contributes to your social well-being: You can make lifetime friends and improve your social well-being by networking. It can help you to gel with like-minded people. The relationships which start within the professional atmosphere can go a long way.
  • Networking leads to the exchange of ideas: You can keep trying new things and keep growing professionally by embracing new ideas. You may be motivated to apply new methods or abilities to your work by learning what others are doing at their organizations. Your innovative ideas can let you stand out and be successful in your current role whether you work for a small firm or a major organization. Talking about your business with new acquaintances offers a distinctive viewpoint. Additionally, it improves creativity and motivation. A useful benefit is having an industry mentor or link outside of your organization.
  • Networking helps you meet people at all professional levels: In some companies, getting in touch with the higher-ups can be challenging. Networking might help you meet more seasoned professionals in this situation. Your future development depends on having the chance to benefit from their experience and professional guidance. These contacts offer fresh possibilities for job advancement and mentoring. Because of this, networking is crucial. You gain the ability to share your talents as well. Finding a new mentor may result from professional networking with a coworker you appreciate. At business and networking events, all it takes is a brief cup of coffee or some light conversation. Knowing people at different professional levels can open up a larger range of work options for you.
  • Networking boosts your professional confidence: Professional networking is a confidence-building exercise, particularly for shy or introverted persons. Its avoidance is mostly due to this. However, you’ll realise that networking isn’t that strenuous once you start discussing your common interests with a new buddy. Even if you’re an introvert, networking gatherings are a terrific opportunity to exercise your confidence. Speak up and discuss issues of paramount importance. You can cultivate greater confidence in your professional abilities by building new partnerships. It may also give you more social networking self-assurance.
  • Following are a few steps to take care of while networking:
  • As already discussed, approaching people to create a business network is a vital advantage of networking. The truth is that you have to reach out. Start by improving your ties to people you already know. Staying in touch will be ensured through occasional casual mail, thoughtful messages, or phone calls.
  • Finding out the interests and opinions is the next stage. You must sincerely care about other people’s lives and stories.
  • You then discover how to listen. This signifies that you are kind by lending others the patient ears they require. This will make the bonds stronger. It will definitely be a game-changer for you. generous acts that are reciprocated without you even having to ask.
  • Test your groundwork, follow up and be in touch.

Shreya Sahni (Batch 2022-24)

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