How Does MBA in Finance Benefit an Engineering Graduate


As an Engineering Student I always thought that pursuing a technical course like MTech or GRE would be the right step for me post graduation. But when I analysed the job market and the skill set that I would need, to climb up the corporate ladder, I realized that just having the technical knowledge alone would not help and the while the knowledge that I gained during B.E. was good enough for me to get employed, it was not enough if I want to be in the senior management positions in future. Or for that matter, even if I want to be a successful entrepreneur! That is when I knew I wanted to pursue MBA.

The decision to opt for MBA was not all that difficult when I saw the larger picture and its long term benefits. However, it wasn’t as simple as just deciding to pursue MBA. I had to follow it up with another round of decision making – “Which branch to specialize in?”, ”why finance?” and similar questions that plague those who are about to step into the MBA field. There were various reasons to keep myself away from Finance as a subject, one reason being that it would be tough for an engineer to compete with Commerce Graduates in subjects such as accounts, law and economics. Another reason was that there are very few openings in the finance field and yet another reason that Finance would be a tough subject and my scores will not be that great. Now, for those who think the same, it’s time to open up your mind, extend your thoughts beyond the obvious and challenge yourself – why not finance? You will be surprised to see that the answer to this is simple, straight forward and very promising.

An engineer develops good mathematical and analytical skills during graduation which helps greatly in understanding subjects like Accounts and Economics because you can co-relate the problems with practical scenarios. Now, to answer the point regarding the employability of an Engineer cum MBA Finance, well believe me, it’s a combination to die for. He or she can work as a Marketing Manager, Finance Manager, Accounts Manager in a Manufacturing company or an IT company, Bank Manager, Banking Technology Manager and various other techno functional areas where knowledge of finance goes hand in hand with the knowledge of technology.  I know you must have started feeling positive already but hold on, there is more to come.

Everything mentioned above depends a lot on where you want to be in the time span of the next 10-20 years. No one can tell you the thumb rule to be successful and a lot is directly linked to your individual aptitude as well. You may have a flair for Marketing and would want to stay away from mathematics and accounts, fair enough. Those who are experienced may guide you on what you may consider while selecting the way forward, but at the end of the day it’s your decision that matters, it is what makes you feel proud, it is what you want to be in future. A lot of MBA aspirants choose a subject just because the subject is very popular and only the top rankers choose that subject. If you are one of them, think again, is that what you really want to do or are you just doing it because it’s popular. Institutes like ICFAI are most reputed Finance institutes in the country but at the same time, the other subjects that are taught in such institutes hold equal value in the corporate world. Analyze yourself, analyze your strengths and build upon it.


To attain senior positions in an organization or to be a successful entrepreneur you need to have a balanced understanding of important components of business.  Just like a tasty dish needs the right mix of ingredients, to be a successful professional you need to have the right mix of knowledge of technology, finance, supply chain, legal, marketing etc. Finance as a subject adds a lot of value since it covers the most important components of any business, like accounting, economics, business law, Portfolio Management to name a few. When you choose to pursue MBA, understand one thing, it is not just a degree; it is about changing your future and career. Before joining MBA you are just a graduate, but after completing MBA you become a professional. An MBA prepares you with good presentation skills, good communication skills, good understanding of how businesses operate, profitability, credit analysis, risk management, legal implications and a lot more.

Let us go back to our original question, “why should an engineering graduate choose MBA Finance?” If you are an engineer and you choose finance as an elective for MBA, you are making the right move, not only because it is one of the most popular subject but also because as an engineer, you already have it in you to excel in this field. Additionally, in the current job scenario, opting for Finance as a subject in MBA makes you eligible to apply for jobs in other fields as well and in no way does it restrict you to apply only for positions in Finance. You may still be selected for jobs in the field of Marketing, Manufacturing, Human resource manager for a manufacturing or IT company, Supply Chain Management.

Numerous companies in the technology sector prefer MBA graduates for senior management positions. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that “most” technology companies have this as an eligibility criteria because what can be better than a person who not only understands technology but is also fully aware of Balance sheets, risk management, business law. Talking about Banks, most of them would prefer to hire a B.E/B.Tech with knowledge of Finance for obvious reasons. Even if you plan to run an enterprise of your own or to start a new business venture, you need to understand all the aspects of business so as to manage it efficiently and effectively. You may even be planning to become the CFO or the CEO of a company in future. All these point out to MBA Finance as one of the most promising electives to opt for.

I am sure by now you must have started thinking about your dream job or your dream company, so get ready to put your foot on the throttle and accelerate towards it. And yes, don’t forget to choose the right path for yourself.

All the best!

Contributed by DIVIK HANDA ( Class of 2004IBS HYDERABAD )

52 thoughts on “How Does MBA in Finance Benefit an Engineering Graduate

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am doing correspondence MBA from ICFAI university Dehradun. Currently I am in 2nd next module i have to choose specialization i am confused which specialization i should opt. I am thinking between IT and OPERATIONS, but u tell which specialization will be good based on present and future scope.

    My background is B.Tech in electronics and communication and one thing more is that the consideration of correspondence MBA is equal as of regular MBA for job purpose..please help me i am very much confused….reply me as soon as possible..

    • Hi Anubhav, I would suggest that you take Finance as Majors and Operations as Minor. The reason why I am suggesting finance is because of the fact that I am sure that after completing your BTech you would already have attained a lot of IT knowledge and you must have already done some computer courses (I am assuming this since you have not mentioned it), and Finance will add value to your Resume. But please decide this after having a clear mind on what you intend achieve from MBA.

      Regarding your query regarding Correspondence and regular MBA. Please understand a point that a student who attends regular MBA gets to learn a lot more than the syllabus itself. A regular MBA builds presentation skills, communication skills, team playing skills. But if you are considering MBA only from an employability point of view then I would say that Regular MBA is considered higher than correspondence MBA, but in your case I would say your decision of doing MBA through correspondence is also good, because having an MBA degree is always better and will give you an edge over other engineering graduates.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I am in my final year of B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and planning to pursue MBA. I choose MBA as I wanted to be an entrepreneur. So, please suggest me, which specialization helps me better based on present and future scope. Also, please suggest me some good colleges to gain good knowledge…………..

    • Hi Hareesh, since you want to be an entrepreneur, I would strongly recommend IIMs.
      ICFAI Hyderabad is definitely a good option.
      All the Best!

  3. Hi Divik,

    First thanks for posting such a nice article.

    I want to know is that what subject they taught in MBA in Finance.
    And how does a software engineer with MBA in finance is more good obviously for recruiter than core commerce (, BBA) student with same degree.

  4. Dear Sir,
    I am mechanical graduate engineer (2010 pass out). I have a working experience of 4.5+ years in automobile and electrical distribution systems industry. I have worked in the machine maintenance, plant maintenance & tool room departments. I have a good knowledge of ISO systems & audits. Basic knowledge of different departmental systems. In order to move up to the senior management positions which MBA specialization should i opt for?? are distance MBA program’s equivalent to the of full time program’s?? which are the best universities/colleges providing distance MBA degree??

    • Hi Ashish, sorry for late reply..

      Coming to your question. Your choice of specialization in MBA depends on your career goals. I would strongly recommend FINANCE for the reasons that I stated in the blog.

      On your question regarding regular or correspondence. Definitely a regular MBA gives a lot of value add, but you need to decide if thats possible for you.

  5. I have done B.E. In mechanical engg, currently working with the MNC in manufacturing firm from last 6 years(total experience).
    I did financial management (PGDFM) from symbiosis international university this year.
    What type of job will benefit to me?
    Which are opportunities I am open for?

  6. Hello Sir, actually I am also doing B.Tech and want to go for MBA Finance. But I would like to ask you, do I need to do any kind of special outside course like Research Analysis from some Institute before going into MBA.?

    • Hi Tushar, For doing MBA you need not do any research analysis course. You can do it during your MBA. Get into a good MBA institute should be your priority as of now, all the best!

  7. Hi Sir,
    i have 1 yr of experience in supply chain domain but now i am willing to mba in finance is it the good option in term of placements and all.

  8. pls tell sir I am a BE (electrical engineering)
    so if I chose operation management or systems so its good for me or anything
    and pls tell neutral because I don’t no what’s good and I read ur opinions u always tell go with finance because I think u r financial background so pls tell neutral and ur experience

  9. Dear Sir,
    I am currently doing B.E in Mechanical Engineering and i am in the last year.
    What would be a better option,MBA in marketing or MBA in finance??Also why?
    Please do reply!:)

  10. Hello Sir,


    Myself kiran Tummala, female.
    I am interested to write CAT next year.
    I am having work experience of 10 years.
    My Educational qualifications are as follows :-
    10th – 86%
    Diploma in Mechatronics from NTTF – 65%
    B-tech in Electronics from YCMOU (open university) – 60%

    Am i eligible to get seat in IIM’s

    Please suggest.

  11. hello sir
    btech(cse) passed out in 2013 and mba(finance) in 2015
    i want to join SAP FICO classes is any future for this for me..

  12. I am currently doing a mba tech course from narsee monji mpstme mumbai. My btech is in IT. Which subject should i do mba in ? Also will a mba tech dual degree be acceptable in job market ?

  13. Hello Sir,
    First of all I would like to thank you for such a amazing article on the choice of career for the student like myself who are in the lookout for it.
    I have a doubt to ask you. I did my (Comp. Sci. Engg ) from reputed institute, currently working with the software development company, after getting hired through the campus placement. I worked on the android software development after that got moved to the project management team through internal transfer.
    Back then I develop some interest in the field of management to be more precise in finance. I am planning for doing the mgmt from top IIMs (I applied for the CAT-15 exam this year).
    I am good at maths and I really loved to be with it or solve any problem besides my interest in daily economic articles in the “The hindu”,
    Going back to the point as I said I have one doubt, I must say I am a bit confuse over the which course should I opt for that will suites to all of my above traits, also my first point of priority will be to focus on the good course which reputes your name more than the money(placement).

    • Hi Mehul, After reading your background and your interest I would strongly suggest that you should go for MBA in Finance and IT. Not sure if you have already made your choice. Anyways, all the best!

  14. Hello,ur article really helpful but i have questions i did BE computer engg. Rightnow i alredy taken admission in mumbai one of best reputed mba institute but problem institute is famous for marketing and 100%placements for last year batch i didn’t find interst in it we have systems,finance,operation also i relly unble to chose among them bcoz i did computer engg which is suitable for me as good career perpective??i have gud analytical skill also in first sem i was weak in accounts subject its really difficult to chose plz clarify my doubts

  15. Hi sir,

    am completing B.Tech (CSE) in 2012, and am doing job in MNC as software Engineer (Development).
    now am thinking to study MBA Finance , change the job field. if am complete MBA Finance , Which type of companies hiring like this Profile(My profile). Have any good future with B.Tech + IT Knowledge + MBA Finance ?

    please consider it am working with Banking domain projects in my company.
    Please give me reply sir. Thank you.

    • Hi Vinod,

      Don’t restrict yourself to banking. By doing MBA in Finance, you will open up your horizons to a variety of domains. At the end it depends on your choice of field, it may be IT or Manufacturing or Banking…..

  16. I did my B.Tech in mechanical engineering from chennai and passed this year, .ie. 2015 and would like to pursue MBA. As of a mechanical background, what lines, apart from finance do you suggest me to do in the interest of industrial prospect?
    Since I do not have any job experience (as of 2015), will that “inexperience” profile hamper me in the subject I choose?

  17. sir I am doing b tech in mechanical engineering branch and I want to know you to suggest me which qualities I wil have to develop while doing btech which will be beneficial for me while doing mba and also tell me sir which exam I have to give for getting in the good collge for mba and tell me also about cat exam..

  18. dear sir
    i am in my final year of mechanical engineering and now i am planning for the mba but i am confuse which mba branch to choose. so that after completion of my mba i can find a job.
    and i would also like to know that sir whether the mnc are preferring the mba finance with engineer back ground or not?
    if not then i would like to choose the marketing or finance and marketing course??

  19. Hi Sir,
    I am a recent pass out from college with B.Tech in Information Technology and have been working in a banking software company as a software engineer for last 7 months. I am considering finance as my specialization to do MBA. I have worked a committee head for college cultural fest in finance but i am sure that has got nothing to do with respect to MBA in finance. So, if anyone asks me to justify or give a reason for choosing finance as my field, What should be my answer???

  20. I had completed my B.E in Mechanical and PGD in HVAC design. I am working as HVAC Engineer and want to MBA but actually I am not getting which field I should choose for MBA. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME SOLUTIONS….

  21. Respected sir…,
    first of all i would like to thank you…this article not only helped me in gaining knowledge, but also increased my confidence…those questions are exactly same as the ones in my mind…it helped me a lot…thank you once again sir…

  22. Hi Sir,

    Initially I want to convey my thanks regarding the article which was presented above. And I did my under graduation in Civil Engineering stream and I also completed my MBA with specialization in Finance and now I just want to Know ” How can I Justify myself when I attend a Finance job , the company being into investments/ software/ etc”
    Just provide me the best answer so that I should feel satisfied with my answer when the question was posed to me in the interview

  23. Thanks for your inputs sir.. It really helped me to get out of my dilemma of whether I chose the right path or not.. I have pursued Instrumentation and Control and currently pursuing PGDM in Banking Insurance Finance and Allied services (BIFAAS).. but some how I realized that I am more a people oriented person rather numbers.. so can I get a job in a good bank or company where I can use my skills but not in niche areas of finance.. because my notion is that finance jobs are quite hectic and need a person to be on computers.. I am more of communicator..
    Is it necessary to go into finance jobs only.. what other jobs will be available for me? what would you suggest ? Please give your valuable suggestions..

    Thank you

  24. Hi sir , I am studying in third year of environmental engineering . I have a good scope of finance and want to work at top positions of the banks and financial sectors . Which institutes will you suggest for MBA

  25. Hi sir
    I completed my B.E(electronics) in 2015. After that i started working as a rf engineer which consist mostly of on site work. I m doing this job for almost 10 months ..i decided to do an mba by next year …..i have few question
    1)what should i prefer distant mba or a regular mba??..
    2)and in which branch ??
    3)is my experience of any use during or after a mba??
    4)are their any courses which will add value to my resume during mba admission or after completing mba??

    • And one more question
      Should i leave my job to prepare for CAT
      As my work schedule is unfix and it would be difficult for me to study after a hactic day

  26. hello sir,
    im a betch student from computer science branch.
    im willing to do mba from abroad,im thnking of opting finance branch… question is being a cs student will i be able to clear finance?
    as being a cs student maths is not one of my strong points. doing mba from england,australia or usa is helpful??

  27. Hi sir I completed my B.E(electronics) in 2015. After that i started working as a rf engineer which consist mostly of on site work. I m doing this job for almost 10 months ..i decided to do an mba by next year …..i have few question
    1)what should i prefer distant mba or a regular mba??..
    2)and in which branch ??
    3)is my experience of any use during or after a mba??
    4)are their any courses which will add value to my resume during mba admission or after completing mba??
    5)and one more question..should i leave my job for preparation of CAT as my work schedule is not fix and it would be difficult for me to study after hectic day

  28. Hello Sir,
    I have completed my graduation in civil engineering. Is it going to limit my choices in MBA, as I heard that background during campus placements does matter? How fields like Marketing and Finance would enhance by background, if I choose them?

  29. Hello sir… I am persuing my Civil Engineering frm pune… n have scored a gud percentile to get a renowned college for mba… which trade in MBA would help me getting a good job and would help my civil engineering degree somewhere

  30. Hi sir I am working as a process analyst it’s been 1 year .As I have done my in ECE and chose a different field after and I am planning to do MBA in finance so any suggestions from you so that I can plan properly for MBA….

  31. Hello sir , i have done btech in electronics and communication (being from ece i have not learned any computer language) . Now i want to pursue MBA . I hv decided to do in finance. Is it a right decision nd kindly tell me what prior knowledge must i have , in order to go for mba in finance

  32. Dear Sir,
    Good Evening
    I have completed my B.Tech in I.T. and in recent period I am pursuing PGDM . Now I am thinking of opting finance with analytics as my subject so there is a fear in my mind that whether I will cope up with the subjects and is there any scope in future? Sir please help me regarding the issue mentioned above.

  33. I am btech electronics and communication engineer. Now I am plan to join in mba.will mba in finance is useful for me? ?

  34. I completed my in 2012 In the Stream of Computer Science and Engineering and now iam pursuing my MBA Finance 4th sem From JNTU hyderabad…Can i Know What are The Required Skills to Continue In IT industry as Business Analyst or Financial Analyst.what is Expected Packages for Freshers.

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