How to choose a right MBA college for your career ?


Have you finished giving your final year university exams? Waiting for the results and planning to join an MBA college?

This is the right time when you should make the right selection of an MBA college for your career. It is not an easy task as it needs proper research and planning. Building a successful career is a dream which everybody wants to achieve but only few can make it. A good MBA college is the key to a successful career of an aspirant and the base of the development of a good personality.

Choosing the right MBA College for your career is a critical turning point in your career. With so many colleges across the country, you may not understand where to start. But with proper research and correct approach, you can select the best MBA College which can help you build a bright career.

Let’s dive into some of the major evaluation factors for selecting the best MBA College for your career-

Measure the credibility of the institute

There are thousands of MBA colleges across the countries offering a variety of courses in every field but only a few have good credibility. Before choosing an MBA college, a student must do a thorough research on the history of the institution. It should be checked what courses has the MBA institute been offering the courses in the past and present and whether the institution has been certified by the recognized government bodies like University Grant Commission (U.G.C.) or All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

There have been a number of institutions which flaunt awards from private institutions which have no academic or industrial background or relevance.

Curriculum of the courses offered and Study material

While choosing a good MBA college, a student must always look how the college syllabus adds to his skills and competencies and how extra projects, workshops are organized and arranged during the course. Apart from the usual syllabus and course structure, the aspirant should look what the MBA institute is offering to develop the personality and communication, how to act like a leader and how to handle different types of business situations.

Similarly, the study material offered by the MBA College should be of high quality covering all the areas of the courses offered. Many of the institutions provide their own study material and some are of very good quality written by their own expert authors tailored according to the syllabus they offer. This helps in building a great academic background for the MBA student and with proper guidance of the professors it helps in complete development of the students in every aspect of business administration. Therefore the study material offered by the MBA institutions should be of very good quality and tailored for the syllabus they offer.

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 Faculty of MBA College

A good MBA college will always have the learning process which is student centric and not teacher centric. Identifying the student’s strength and developing the weak points of the student should be the aim of the teachers of the MBA institute. The faculty should be more than a teacher who inspires the students towards the success and growth in the career. Therefore, always choose an MBA college which has well qualified professors with a good experience and academic background. Lecturers should put extra effort to engage the MBA students and motivate them. They should use the modern techniques for teaching like internet and should be tech savvy.

So if you have found an MBA institute to study, then spend some time in researching the educational and professional background of the faculty members. If you are unable to get a good record than do not be afraid to ask the MBA school directly by calling or visit. Ask them about the faculty educational background and other experiences and the way they teach their students. Meet current students also in order to gain an actual knowledge of the performance of the faculty members.


Deployment of modern technology is an important aspect to determine the value of an MBA institute. A high quality MBA program will take the advantage of the most recent advancements in the field of technology and will deploy it in the field of learning. A number of MBA schools will help you to take a look at the types of software, systems and other tools they use in the MBA classes and online programs they offer.

In the field of online MBA, technology is a key aspect to consider. To enhance the virtual experience it is very important to deploy the most recent tools and technologies. A good online MBA program will be facilitated with a virtual classroom where students can conduct all the academic activities like accessing course materials, streaming of educational videos, online group discussion, assignments submission and many other online activities. Thus it is very important to consider the modern technological tools deployed by the MBA institute before applying to it for an entrance.

Placements and internships

Now we come to the most important factor which comes in the mind of every MBA aspirant before applying for an MBA institute entrance exam. They often think – “What are the companies which provide placements to this MBA institute and what is the highest package offered?”

“What was the average package offered and how much is the placement percentage?”

These are the questions which often come in the mind of every MBA aspirant and they have to make a proper background research on the MBA College regarding it. So check the placement data which the MBA College has provided on their websites and other journals or magazines they publish. Also check with the recently graduated students to get an actual idea of the placement scenario.

Another important think to consider is to check the kind of internships the MBA institutes offer. A good internship is very helpful for the MBA students and gives students a chance to interact with people who are already doing practical work and also help them to gain an understanding of the corporate work culture along with the development of work skills and ethics.

Although there are other considerations also apart from those mentioned above for selecting the right MBA College like rankings, location and fees. However, the factors described above are the vital ones in selecting the right MBA institute which can actually help in developing your career.

Getting a good placement should not only be the only aim of an MBA aspirant but developing a skilled personality should be the main motive behind doing an MBA program. An MBA college providing all these things can be the best choice for your career and an intelligent MBA aspirant should always think in that direction.

Contributed by ASHISH SINGH PARIHAR ( Class of 2006 – 2008IBS PUNE )

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