Ushered hybrid education at IBS Gurgaon

Joining a post graduate program in the pandemic kept students deprived of the necessary exposure they must get to develop in an all-inclusive manner. The conventional classes were not viable for a long time for the past year and yet; IBS Gurgaon is conducting classes in the hybrid mode to make sure the students who could afford to travel to the premises had full opportunity to attend physical lectures, which in real time were also streamed on zoom as online classes. This innovative method of teaching allowed students to visit the college as they please with the proper guidelines of Covid safety being followed from entering till exiting the gates of the premises.

“Teachers made sure that their attention, while taking a hybrid session, is not biased in any form towards either side, the students who study online are as well ushered as the ones in the campus and I can attest to this as a fact having experienced it firsthand.”

IBS Gurgaon in the early stages of the pandemic handled the completely online mode of classes and examinations in a razor-sharp manner wherein no stone was left unturned by the faculties and the management to deliver the best possible material, guiding the students along every step. The online selection process for getting into the campus is also very smooth and has improved with every passing session with the institution being increasingly sensitive towards the pre-requisites of admission seekers.

The cutting-edge tech set up to deliver classes; which includes a digital board is decisive in consulting students’ doubts and maintaining a fine balance between the online and offline studies where, in the latter, one can consult with faculties personally anytime with all the Covid protocols being implemented strictly with the right protective equipment.

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