IBS made the online selection process feel like a breeze…

Being caught up with all the exams and admissions amidst the pandemic was rather daunting. There was a ray of uncertainty with all the exam patterns changing and processes delaying. However, ICFAI Business School came up with a commendable response to the ongoing pandemic by taking the online approach to the selection process. I admired how the IBS team communicated all the necessary information in a crystal clear format.

Even before the selection process began, all the applicants were invited for the Selection Briefings, which deemed itself to be quite fruitful in terms of what we could expect from the MBA programme in general. The virtual auditorium was an interactive platform that informed the students about all the relevant details. It was a kind of a seminar that provided much-needed guidance to the students and also briefed them with the tips and inputs for the selection process. In the hindsight, it becomes crucial to attend this for all the prospective candidates to clear any ounce of doubt they might have.

Now, the experience of my Selection Process was well organized and swift. We were allotted different slots and sessions according to which we were expected to log in within our time frame. Soon after logging in through the link provided in the IBS portal, the panellists allowed me into the online room to conduct the personal interview. I was asked varied personal, technical and management level questions along with the presentation that I had prepared. In about fifteen minutes, I was done with the process. The way everything was meticulously organized felt like a breeze to go through.

After my selection, we had classes on the online platform. IBS provided all the required academic tools to substitute for the in-person classes. All the study material, relevant notes and case studies were systematically arranged on the Quicforce platform provided to all the students. When the hybrid mode of attending classes was in effect, the presence of Digital Boards in the classrooms delivered better readability and clarity to all the students such that we shared a similar learning ambience be it online or offline. Availability of such digital resources and equipment certainly helped in better understanding of the fundamental concepts during consultations and doubt-sessions. Furthermore, there were no qualms or hesitations in visiting the campus as all the covid protocols and norms were strictly enforced by the campus security.

Overall, the way IBS handles its operations makes me proud of my decision to associate myself and my career in the hands of this esteemed institution.

Sahil Jassal

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