IBS never failed to amaze students in any sense. IBS Selection process was very smooth and convenient. From the registration process to all the document submission , the college helped me at every stage. The selection process comprised of presentation , followed by an interview. It was a new kind of evaluation and the college gave us freedom to choose a topic according to our choice and share real time experiences. I was quite nervous , but the interviewers were very welcoming and boosted up my confidence during the whole process. The whole interview went very well for me. The best part was the result was announced in just two weeks and I was all set to start my journey at IBS.

I was quite nervous to start my MBA with this online medium. I never thought that IBS will make it so smooth and zoom will start to feel like our actual classroom. My learning experience has been great so far, Quicforce has actually become my best friend. Special thanks to our professors who are a constant source of motivation and always keep us going. IBS is not just restricted to studies , beyond the study hours the weekly webinars are very informative and have given me a chance to gain knowledge. The case study method helps us to think beyond textbooks and apply all our skills, it just opens our minds and is helping all of us to be corporate ready. The variety of clubs IBS offers has helped me to enhance my knowledge and gain confidence in whatever I do. So far , the experience has been great and appreciative, Not going to lie but joining IBS has changed my life in the best way.


Name : Sonali Khurmi
Batch : 2021-2023

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