“Our elders have always guided us for our best”

With this great saying, students always try to look up to their professors and seniors- their second guide after books.

Our seniors and professors with their ample wisdom, try to implement the seeds of knowledge into the students to help them grow into fruit-laden trees.

After the completion of the initial step of domain selection -the next most crucial step is the upgradation required by oneself for a particular domain. Students pursuing a PGPM program are always advised to opt for various certification courses for their chosen domain.

At IBS, through mentoring and buddy sessions organized by the Alumni Relation Cell, seniors guide students about the important certifications for any specific domain based on the current scenario and are required for their Summer Internship Program as well.

Why certifications are important?

Let’s understand this with a story….

Aakash is a Business Analyst student pursuing MBA from ICFAI Business School,. He always believed in upscaling himself with all the knowledge regarding the latest technology invented in the present scenario. Being flexible in accepting innovations, he never felt the importance of any certification courses required to upgrade his skills.

One day, he met one of his friends who enrolled himself in one of the certification courses provided by the college itself. It was a 16 hours short course. Aakash asked his friend about the learnings he got from a 16-hour course and was enlightened with the fact that flexibility to innovations is appreciable but learning through these courses not only builds confidence but also helps in imparting ample knowledge regarding a particular subject.

After learning the importance of certifications, during his Summer Internship Program, he realized that personal upgradation is important along with professional upgradation. He learned certifications not only teach you but also cope oneself with the external knowledge required to excel.

After a proper analysis of what type of certifications is the best suited for him, he opted for the IT & SYSTEM certifications provided by the institute.


– Data Visualization with Tableau specialization ( an online course of 1 month, available on coursera.org)

– SQL for Data Analysis: Beginners MySQL Business Intelligence ( an online course of 4 hours 31 minutes, available on Udemy)

– Microsoft Power BI- The Complete Masterclass [2021 Edition] ( an online self-paced course, available on Udemy)

– Data Analysis and Reporting in SAS Visual Analytics ( an online course of 1 month, available on coursera.org)

– Python for Everybody specialization ( an online course of 1 month, available on coursera.org)

Further, let’s discuss, the importance of certifications during placements.

Different companies with different roles visit campus with varied requirements. During the placement process, these certifications play a vital role in providing information regarding any particular course. Opting for a correct certification is an important decision of that invests of your precious time.

At IBS, students during their SIPs are guided about the various certification courses which are different for every domain. It might be the same for the core and major chosen courses but might differ for the minor chosen courses.

Aakash had 4 friends, to whom he recommended various certification courses based on their field of interest and list of various certification courses provided at IBS Gurgaon are:


Isha, a friend of Aakash wants to pursue her career in the human resource field and so opted for the HUMAN RESOURCE Certification Course provided by the college, which included:

-Certified HR Staffing Manager ( an online course of 13 hours, available on Vskills.)

– SAP Success Factors: Introduction to Mastery ( an online course of 37 minutes, available on Udemy)

– SAP HR for Beginners ( an online course of 1 hour, available on Udemy.)


Akshat, another friend of Aakash was good in analytics and with analytics gaining higher importance in the current scenario, opted for ANALYTICS Certification Course provided by the college, which included:

– Introduction to Data Analytics for Managers ( an online course of 6 weeks, available on edX)

– Introduction to Data Science specialization ( an online course of 3 months, available on IBM)

– Marketing Analytics and Retail Business Management ( an online course of 11 hours, available on Udemy)

– Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis ( an online course of 5 hours, available on Udemy)

– R Programming A-Z: R For Data Science With Real Exercises ( an online course of 10.5 hours, available on Udemy)


Isha was always inclined towards the operations work conducted in the organizations and so opted for the OPERATIONS Certification Course provided by the college, which included:

– Certified Six Sigma Green Belt ( an online course of 6+ hours, available on Udemy)

– Supply Chain Analytics ( an online + offline course of 8 weeks, available on NPTEL+IIT Roorkee)

– Quality 4.0 (Industry 4.0) ( an online course of 16 hours, led by the instructor of KPMG)

These courses help in providing practical experience and exposure, making it easier for students to grab the exponential knowledge from these certifications.

Learnings from certifications are enumerated as follows:

  1. Helps to learn new methodologies.
  2. Enhances the right skill set and helps in meeting the skill gap.
  3. Helps in understanding the uniqueness of the usage of technology.
  4. Helps in the analysis of data.
  5. Helps in developing problem-solving skills with correct decision-making power.

Certifications enhance the potential of a management student and helps to make an impactful CV.

Happy Learning

Ishita Jain (Batch 2022-24)

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