Alumni Success Mantras

Alums are the founding pillars that form the backbone of any institute. They depict a picture of the past and light the way for the present and future batches.

Alumni networks are established in schools and colleges, which remain connected to their alma mater via periodic (usually yearly) meetings to stay in touch with their school, and college batch-mates.

Every educational institution has an alum network that helps young budding managers through their experiences. Alums can build business connections, organize reunions, and serve as shining examples of the success of their institution’s hard work being done to transform into the individuals, they are today.

With over 62,000+ alumni working globally in the corporate world, who hold C-Suite, VPs, and Senior Management positions in various MNCs, Blue Chip companies, and start-ups, we can see a clear picture of how the alums of IBS are pivotal to the success of the college. Alumni are playing a vital role for the last several years; we have seen how the alum network of college is extending to the corporate, where students are getting the support of their alum in their respective companies. To narrow down the gap and challenges that current students face, the Alumni Relations Cell, on a routine basis, organize a ‘Mentoring Series’ where alums come and share their experiences of their respective journey from Campus to Corporate. Through this series, students grasp many experiences and learnings that are vital for them while joining the corporate field. The mentoring series also enhances students’ personalities in various aspects like confidence, communication, networking, etc.

The IBS alum network is vital both in quantity and quality as continuously different sectors of alum visit the campus in mentoring series. Students get an opportunity to gain insights into several sectors. The storytelling by alums enable the students to envision the accurate picture of the corporate that helps them with their placements.

The alums are assisting them effectively and efficiently in the workplace. And the presence of alums in the same department enriches the newly joined employee’s confidence in the workplace. The alums of the IBS are working at the top position and doing great with the company norms. And by extending lucrative job opportunities for future budding managers and spreading the alum network across various departments, they are opening the door for the students for their corporate journey.

The Alumni Relation Cell of IBS Gurgaon hosted its yearly alumni meet, ”IMPRINTS 2022,” where they celebrated the alumni and cherished their success. Alumni got the opportunity to meet their old friends and faculty members, and made the alums’ meet worth remembering. The gala also witnessed the felicitation of alums who have exceptionally excelled in their fields, making the day more memorable for the alums.

The alum set a standard for future batches as they are the ones who had raised the college aura in the respective company. According to their work performance, the company chooses to hire students from the same college. They are already working with the college’s alums, and if the feedback is up to mark, it will directly reflect during the placement season.

Furthermore let me share the advice by alums to future budding managers.

One alum told me that PGPM is already preparing us for the corporate journey. Working under deadlines, multitasking most of the time, working under pressure, etc., are some activities, you will witness during your corporate journey. It will aid you as you are always on your toes during your PGPM journey. He gave his success mantras: always be ready for new experiences, especially, be open-minded and listen, and make connections with people; build the network as these can be your best investment for the future.

Another alum emphasized that you should stay focused towards your goals and avoid distractions as it can be easy to get side-tracked, but successful people are able to stay focused on what matters most and avoid distractions that could derail their progress. and by having a positive attitude, you can go a long way and can successfully complete your goals by working for the same. 

One of the college alums highlighted the importance of believing in yourself and in your abilities as according to her by having a sense of confidence that you can do it, can bring fruitful results for you in terms of your goals.

The success of its graduates measures an institution’s power and quality of education. By investing in the Alumni network, you invest in the institution’s development, increase your fundraising capability, develop your brand, influence in the sector, and attractiveness to the best students.

Archit Vijay

Batch of 2022-2024

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