Hard workers or smart workers – What is the need of the hour?

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The battle between hard work and smart work has been going on since time eternal. We have witnessed a generation of our parents where hard work would make you shine and take you into a league which was unbeatable. How can we forget the times when we have been told innumerable times to concentrate on studies and ensure good marks, work hard for that is what defines our future. Friends and family will always be there. We grow up to believe it to be true and continue working harder and harder not thinking for a moment that what they are sharing is age old gyaan while the truth today is different. With the rise in technology and other developments around us the world has become very competitive due to which now the hard work has to be replaced by smart work leading to better optimum results.

In today’s times everything is instant. Instant food, instant love, instant friendships, instant makeovers with everything available at the click of a button from shopping to recharge to travel to education. It has its own pros as it makes life simpler for one and all. It brings together the world closer deleting the distances in a matter of seconds.

But on the other hand it also means one thing that the knowledge that is readily available online is also approachable to all those hundreds of people around you. With the stringent competitive atmosphere, it is very imperative for each one to make a cut and stand out amongst them. What will make one stand out is the way one will perceive the available information and present it in a form that stands out amongst the crowd.

A student might be very hard working and be able to by heart everything that is in the syllabus which will ensure perfect scores in the examination. But then that is what perhaps every other intelligent and hardworking student will do in the examination. What will set you apart? Some smart work for e.g. some diagrams, flow charts, illustrations etc will set those answers apart and make them stand out. And that is the best example of smart work.

Hard work

  • Lengthier approach
  • Sets the base for you as a human being in terms of learning

It is imperative that this is the way one should begin the journey of life. For this helps us create a base in terms of learning that entire one could about life. But there are many aspects where sheer hard work will not suffice for there is constant learning that is needed and in such cases only hard work doesn’t suffice. If you need to master something you need a lot of time and put in lot of hard work to be able to be called the master of that thing.

Smart work

  • Shorter duration
  • Makes you learn the shortcuts of it and still enables you to learn the tricks of the trade

Every individual in today’s times needs to know the difference between the two and also the important of being able to do smart work. It not only saves your time but also increases the accuracy in terms of performance. It is happens that after constant hard work when one doesn’t get the desired results one tends to get frustrated. At such times the only thing that comes to the rescue is smart work.

Apart from being intelligent these days the much sought after quality in an efficient worker is being proactive and that is a sign of a smart worker. And it is this proactiveness that will set that smart worker apart from a hard worker.

Technically it is not possible for one to be able to maintain a balance between the both. It is a hard worker who can become a smart worker because that is when they are able to see the various ways of doing the same thing in a better manner, more quickly and in lesser time. It is like gaining experience before hand and then trying to device new ways to sharpen that experience.

Worldly around it is appreciated that an individual is a smart worker rather than being a hard worker. As it is usually said in the corporate lingo, not knowing something is absolutely fine as long as you have the knack of knowing how to get the work done from whom. For that is when the performance remains unaffected. Smart workers usually end up being good managers because they are not only able to identify the work patterns but also gather a team depending on every one’s capabilities and ensure optimum output from the available resources.

In day to day work it might happen that you might make mistakes resulting into lot of goof ups. The trait of a smart worker is when you are able to find a solution before the damage becomes irreparable. The moment a mistake is made the reflexes should act quickly making you think of all the possible repercussions and also make you think of the ways you can avoid collateral damage because of the same. After all at the end of the day we are all human who are bound to make mistakes.

Being a smart worker means the ability to use your creative side more than anything else. For if you know that the way to solve this problem is a 5 step method, a smart worker will try to find out a 3 step method. He will not only save time in this way but also the energy put in the other two extra steps which now can be used in something more productive.

In the journey of a hard worker to becoming a smart worker once you begin to taste the success you will keep pushing yourself to keep coming up with smarter ways to do things and enjoying the pleasures it brings along with it.

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