Get Ready for IBSAT – with a Fit Body and Mind

This post is about creating a solid foundation. Next, we will share test taking tips and techniques, and more than can help you ace IBSAT or any other tests you plan to take.

First things first.

You take test with your brains. You have heard about “Fit brain in a fit body.”

So start to take care of your body well, if you have not been doing it already.

If you are weak, in poor health then your brain finds it hard to focus.

People get sick due to extremes mostly.

At whatever stage of your preps you are it is important that your body and mind is in good shape.

You need energy to study – sit through exam – here are some simple tips that should help.

Simple tips.

Get into a routine. (8 am – 10pm) type. start early if you are a morning type or stay up a little if you work better at nights.

Stick to it. Creating a plan is simple, what is more important that you follow it. So stick to your routine and follow through on your ambitious plans.

Cut back on distractions (at least 4 days a week). It is totally possible to live without TV or Facebook for sometime, give it a shot and you will be happier and more productive.

Eat better. Simple, more green, less junk, some nuts, little fruit. Do not over eat.

Do not overdo anything. Do not push yourself too much. Find time to play, have fun, sit with friends and family and do not forget to laugh often.

Move around. Go for a walk – morning and evening. Morning – brisk and evening – relaxed stroll.

Drink water, take deep breaths and take breaks in whatever you do.

Dance if you can, a great way to burn calories and have fun. Best part, you do not need company to do it – just switch on the music on a player or your mobile phone and start.

So move around, be happy and more productive.

Hope you found this useful.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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