Where Life Is Beautiful!

2012 – The year when I took ONE decision, the decision of my life. And today, a year later I am confident that, this one decision will soon turn my life around. Giving up an opportunity to work with ONIDA did not seem to make sense to many around me…but I had quit a job and held on to a dream!!!

I joined IBS Pune with just one small dream, one desire.

I had wanted to enter the Corporate World. And less than a semester later, I realized how hard, how tough and how enormously demanding that one small dream is…But thanks to all wonderful, highly qualified and experienced teachers who constantly put efforts to correct us, make us bold and make us ready to enter the race, today it seems an achievable dream. The race, the competition is not with other management schools, but with our own time. Time to reach our goal as early as possible. It is such passion that leads our way. For me, it is IBS Pune, which constantly keeps me conscious about my passion. The first few days were hard new college, new people, new learning system, case studies, grade system etc. But by and by, I realized that, this is the map of my life unfolding before my eyes! and IBS is an absolutely great platform providing me some glimpses of that Unseen World.

I improved my communications in Business Communication classes, I tried to rectify my behavior through OB classes and finance, marketing etc. Everything fits in perfectly.

“Life is not a one time game” is a sentence of Prof. Jyoti Tilak, which inspires all of us. “Finance guys are the carriers of bad news” is a sentence of Prof. Pillai, which gives us the constant sense of responsibility towards the financial aspect of business management.

The guest lectures of highly professional corporate leaders, visits to corporate firms give me practical knowledge which complemented the knowledge learnt as theory. I must admit that IBS takes care of all that, pretty well.

Finally, it is people who make this journey wonderful. My room-mates, co-travelers, partners in finance and marketing clubs; became lifelong friends as sharing became fun and learning enjoyment.

In a nutshell, it has been a wonderful journey where life became beautiful. Yet ahead of the beautiful times come hard work and constant dedication towards being a successful management leader. IBS Pune has been that wonderful path under the guidance of one of the best Directors and excellent team of professors, who lead us through this wonderful journey of management. Here we realize that life is  not just challenging but beautiful as well!

Contributed by Prasad N Kolte (Batch 2014, IBS Pune)

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