The Road Taken

Have you ever been in a pile of questions and doubts and were still hopeful that one day you will succeed?

Well I guess most of you must have experienced it. But the rest of you who are still wondering what I am talking about, I believe you have really missed the long and tiring process of selecting a B-school after your graduation!

After completion my graduation I was in a similar situation surrounded by people with huge placards of doubts about my decision of selecting IBS Pune as the destination to complete my MBA. But believe me after crossing the threshold of IBS, I realized that my decision was absolutely correct.

Immediately on joining IBS I realized that this place is not just an MBA college. It wanted the students to go beyond textbooks and deal efficiently with real life situations. The use of world renowned case studies, frequent inputs from industry experts, and the three month long summer internship, helps one keep the fire burning inside and to rise.

The single most important element that IBS has is the inspiring environment it provides to students. Be it inside the class room in the presence of the faculty members or extracurricular activities. IBS Pune believes in all round development of the individual. And that matters a lot.

Today when I look back over the one and a half years spent here, I still find myself amidst people without the question mark placards, and with professionals from different industries, their heads beaming with ideas that can change the future, with my fellow students who are ready to take the world and will keep the spirit of this college intact and high.

Throughout life one would meet people who question our decisions. There would be people reminding you about the ‘Road not taken’. But the real challenge is to trust oneself and make the chosen road worth travelling. In my case it has been possible thanks to IBS Pune.

Contributed by Shaiwal Bhattacharya (Batch 2014, IBS Pune)

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