To get into something you have to get out of something.

Tough all my blogs begin with talking about my personal experience. Let me first take you through a story of a man who is a legend.

One afternoon for a regular meeting I was driving on NH18 towards Delhi, bugged with the monotonous songs in my USB, I plugged in to the radio. Tough I am not a target customer of Hindi Speaking media market, still got convinced after hearing Anu Kapoor on air and a minor nostalgia of childhood memories of his show saregamapa, so decided not to change. In his ever same energetic and positive tone, he was narrating a story of a man who is a legend now. Someone who is a legendary actor now with the numerous awards in his kitty was when he was a struggler, after leaving his hometown marine drive was his shelter for endless days. A vetenor director called his voice extremely bad quality and recommended him to get rid of the thought of getting into films. He didn’t buy that, with a do or die attitude he kept auditioning and almost auditioned for over 90-100 films. He managed to get a break with the salary of Rs 500 and today Mr. Bachchan is worshiped for the contribution he has made to the Hindi film industry. Imagine if from Allahabad he would not have managed to abscond and run away from the thought of his dad wanting him to an engineer, we would not know today what Amitabh Bachchan is all about and I am sure there would have been a few more in existence today if they would have managed to escape from the boring regular reality and taken a leap of faith in what they once aspired to be with confidence.

We do hear stories from our parents regarding what they wanted to be. My mom tells me her dad didn’t let her study after twelfth class, as in her village that time girls were not allowed to study in college. I asked her back, what if tomorrow i might have the same regret after when i will see myself stuck in the corporate cobweb. Not again, I am out of it and quite much supported by my mom now. But I have agreed to one thing we just can’t be introspecting all the time that how unfit we are in what we are doing currently as this does not get us out to what we want to do. We need to probably think from the prospective of what we want in life and start working towards it. For some, earning lots and lots of money would be the main aim which might give them satisfaction, for some a different job role than what they are doing would be a satisfaction point. One needs to make a choice right. All those people get stuck at one point in career who didn’t plan by choosing the right academics or job role for them and when are actually plotted in a job role which they end up getting they realize where their ultimate happiness lies.

Problems are everywhere. There is no story barring Ambani’s and Tata’s which are written without regrets and issues. I am sure they might have a battle they would be fighting in their own manner. We all think that we will simultaneously work on what we want along with our regular work where we do not see ourselves deemed fit in. But that is not what the nature supports. We need to get out of a particular career/course/profession to get into something what we want. I do understand that these decisions are tough to actually incorporate as lot many have loans to pay and lot many have family to look after. But as they say trying to sail two boats together results in sinking of both. We do the best in what we love to do. If someone loves to make clothes, no matter what ever amount of time you make that person spent around embroiders and fabric, he will not feel tired and agitated. But if you make that same person sit in front of laptop and make him do some work he is unfit for, he will end up just looking at the time with every second that passes by. Eventually, if we fit into the space that we enjoy we grow personally and so does the place where we are working.

Sooner we realize what we want to see ourselves as, the better it is. It is easier to quit college and get into another stream than dumping a full fledged job and finding way to what we want to be. I see a lot of people in sales, who joined the sales profile with a hope they will be offered marketing profile latter. Today they are stuck in sales for years and if offered the marketing profile they are paid as a fresher irrespective of whatever experience they carry and what money they are paid in past. They are stuck in a choice between money and job role. Obviously, sales profile is paid well as it comes with the tons of pressure. Before making choices in career, it is OK to join the profile of your choice at a lower package than beginning as a fresher latter. As I said, we need to get out of something to get into something and sometimes the bridge between the two can have lots of hurdles. But as its one’s right to work on what we love to and not have regrets latter in future. Take that leap of faith without any second thought. Remember, you do the best in what you are meant for.

Contributed By : Rahul Wadhwa (Class of 2013, IBS Gurgaon)

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