The Teaching Pedagogy


BATCH :2022-24

The first and best method of teaching used by all 9 campuses of ICFAI Business School is the technique of the case-study methodology.

What is the case-study methodology? 

It is an in-depth understanding of a combination of real-life context. In simpler words, it is a teaching method that uses decision-making to, put students in the role of those who faced difficult decisions at some point in the past to evaluate and inculcate the skills that can be used in the future to solve problems. It is used extensively in a wide variety of disciplines, mainly in practical knowledge-based situations. The case study methodology helps the students to prepare themselves today for future-oriented circumstances.

ICFAI Business School nurtures students with consistent practice by providing various case studies regularly. This practical approach had been a great strength in terms of teaching since the initial stages and is still continuing to do so. From the initial stage, this approach is being appreciated by all the alumni of ICFAI Business School of all campuses.

The second best method to uplift students is through the events organized by the Institutional Building Activity Cell (IBAC) where corporate leaders from various top companies are invited every week to impart to students with their knowledge and experience. This event also encourages students by rewarding them in the organized Question/Answer rounds.

Third, comes the English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) classes where students are encouraged to actively participate with each other to read, share, and quotient their thoughts and ideas. In these classes writing and listening skills are enhanced from the business point of view. Various activities like mock sessions and group discussions are also organized as a part to provide knowledge about the corporate world.

Next comes the IMPACT classes that are organized by the institute every week itself where the faculties provide all the information regarding placements, personality development, soft skills, and various other fields required for personal grooming. An IMPACT session is also conducted by the Alumni Relation Cell of the institutes wherein the alumni of IBS are invited which provides a platform for students to directly interact with their alumni and to learn with their learnings. These are some of the methods that all 9 campuses of IBS are following and continuing to make a more viable stand in the educational industry with each passing year.

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