Placement Preparations at IBS Gurgaon

The aim is to do your best in the field you choose and thrive to achieve your goals. The competition is continuously increasing second by second, so the question comes, how to gain a competitive edge over others? How to position ourselves better from the rest? It requires tremendous determination and self-work to chisel ourselves and be the very fine version of us to market ourselves. To achieve the goal, IBS comes with a guiding light to aid us all with the top-notch skills required to stand out in the ever-competitive era. A student’s transformational journey is like a magnificently blooming butterfly. Just as how a cocoon, at the initial stage before flying high in the sky, breaks its shell and enters into the world of abundant opportunities to prove itself. In the same way, we started our journey towards excellence by enrolling in one of the growing B-schools in India; ICFAI Business School. Then starts the transformative journey where we acquire qualities like no other and swim amongst thousands of fish in the sea! As freshers, IBS Gurgaon serves a plethora of opportunities to pave our desired path to success. Right from organizing in-house training to organizing sessions undertaken by industry experts, it strengthens our outlook towards the understanding of the fundamentals of business, management, entrepreneurship, and its functioning. The activities like logo games, design advertisements, etc organized for leisure turn out to be something that refreshes our basics and aids in keeping them on our tips. All the wide-ranging activities equip us in garnishing ourselves and being proficient in our business and management concepts. The cherry on the top is the training sessions and certification courses. The extent to which the support is rendered by IBS exceeds expectations and goes all in to provide us with the best of training be it – Psychometric, Excel, or Aptitude. 

  • Psychometric training sessions help us to get acquainted with the personalities and resonate with the job profile. 
  • Speaking of excel training sessions, these aim to deliver all the prominent functions and formulas used in the corporate world. 
  • The aptitude session covers all the requirements that the subject demands. Furthermore, the sessions provide practice questions to help us. 

Verse us with the latest industry demand and nourishing us with the same, have been the key highlights of our campus. This is where the caterpillar, who was naïve initially, gains all the required attributes to excel in the corporate dynamics. To enhance our skills, we are further introduced to certification courses across all domains of management to get enlightened with the core understanding of the chosen specialization from first-hand examples and solutions. Choosing marketing and analytics as specializations, I have gained an abundance of knowledge in branding and python and reinforced it by practicing. 

Nothing comes easy, just as the caterpillar in its slowly growing stage equips itself with new beneficiaries (acquiring new skills, and knowledge) and develops wings (Certifications, training sessions) is ready to fly far above the ground whilst having deep confidence in its potential, a student resonates with the similar growth. All that has been imbibed within us doesn’t come without giving proper thought to it. The placement team at IBS Gurgaon prepares an exquisite formulation of training and certification, which are driven through the hard work and expertise of notable faculties and pushes each one of us to gain the best of our knowledge and put it all into action. It is their constant efforts that make our transformational journey so smooth and flawless.

IBS is the place to get yourself challenged, grow and fail, all at once. Its by-products though are extremely surprising and uplifting. We are enlightened with all the aspects- be it theoretical or practical with absolute precision. Every activity prepares us for tomorrow and gives us the autonomy to build our future. It teaches the biggest learnings of all times i.e. time management and lateral thinking. The mantra preached at this b-school has been blatantly made clear in the past years, to make students think and be at the top of the growing trends and takes every finest step to deliver without fail.    

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