MBA: Some Constructive Destruction and Embracing It.

creative_destructionMBA is a multitude of discipline. Not only one has to do ordinary things in an ordinary way but also ordinary things in an extraordinary ways. Some usual things happen in a fraction of a second, but sometimes the same things may take unusual time and effort. In short, an approach to a decision is extremely important to get things rolling quickly. In an ever-changing environment, individual sustainability depends on how smart he is. It is a measure of efficiency. Biting the bullet is not the solution, but using the bait as an opportunity is what gets the stone rolling.

The very first lesson introduced to MBA participants is that ‘Management is both an art and as well as science’. This has a very broad and deep meaning attached to it. It signifies that boundaries for an MBA are limitless just like a painter whose imagination and creativity are unparalleled. Like art, management throws a lot of insights and perspective on the same thing. Multiplicity of ideas, suggestions, opinions, acts as cue for shaping the future.

Have you ever noticed why a photographer takes multiple photos for the same object?

Why a writer writes several rough drafts before the final draft?

Because, a photographer knows that there can be another best possible snap of the same object. He discards 100 photos he took to get one single photo right. A writer scraps several write-ups to come with the one best single piece. That’s how creativity comes and develops. That’s how one has to ‘destruct’ or ‘discard’ to get the most ‘creative’ or ‘constructive’ output. That’s the unparalleled theory of Constructive Destruction, which is widely seen during the MBA course.

MBA aspirants sometimes struggle during their 2-year period with the assignments, projects, internships, semesters, subjects and even sometimes their own personal life. Sometimes doing the same thing in the same ways as that of friends not only pushes you back but there is nothing separating you with any of them. In the new era of cut throat competition, only the extraordinary mind with innovative ideas can lead organisations. To reach this point, aspirants have to test their own limits and unleash their own ideas into a transformational force.

This can only be possible if the aspirants nurture their thoughts and are determined to put their creative ideas to work. One of the ways aspirants can test themselves is practically embracing constructive destruction. One has to sometimes discard their work-output to get the best work out. It’s like whipping the mind for one more idea. There are various instances where aspirants can apply this and make an indelible mark. Some instances include:

  1. Solving Assignments: MBA course comprises of multiple assignments where each one requires a lot of effort and time. Each assignment has its own level of difficulty and brainstorming challenges. MBA aspirants may try to solve these assignments in the innovative ways. They could discard the ideas that strike first or seem very obvious and start thinking afresh from a new perspective. This not only provides much-needed firework but also gives enough ammo for a break through.
  2. Solving Case Studies: Some case studies are simple yet their solutions are equally challenging. What may sound like a simple solution may be disguised in one of the complex problems ever and this is when a company can either pave a path to immense success or another speed bump. Such strategies change the face of the company. Some case studies show how a successful company falls for a wrong strategy by not identifying a hidden/palpable problem leading to the brink of collapse. Such strategy of bringing turnaround has greater importance for the aspirants. Creative thinking is not taught in the classrooms, but honed throughout different semesters. One has to really come out of the caves and start discarding usual solutions, strategies, thinking ideas etc. and start bringing forwards new hidden talents.
  3. Product Design in Marketing: Marketing aspirant has to have a creative bent of mind. He has to deal with existing products and improvise the same into a futuristic product. He has to identify the product cycle where the product will become redundant unless new value is added to it. Innovation is the key to this. How does one reach that level of creativity? Reading books? Solving cases? Surely many aspirants would be doing that and still they get stuck. Learning theory is really great, so is the imitation theory. Where is Nokia currently or Blackberry? Both, at the far end of the road, isolated. If one has to drive excellence, one has to continuously discard the current mundane ideas and construct new ideas, thoughts and action plans. One has to mentally accept constructive destruction’s value proposition without which every endeavour will be futile.
  4. Solving HR Related Issues in Human Resource Management: One finds endless challenges in an organisation, especially while dealing with people. Dealing with them requires a smart approach, a calculated perspective. Aspirants, even though being aware of the theoretical knowledge, require a strong inferential knowledge. Several case studies showed that most of the time organisations are in a dilemma while dealing with their greatest asset – Human Resource. Aspirants would have to continuously bring new approaches to deal with them. If one has to reach the top, one would certainly need to churn his ideas into something that leads to definite positive result through suitable actions.
  5. Setting Processes in Operations Management: Processes drive an organization. Aspirants pursuing Operations Management sure have witnessed how the efficiency depends on the efficacy of the process. One slight change can turn the table round; increase the output to a new level. So how should one bring such justice to the organisation? Should he be continuously doing what he has been normally doing? Certainly not. He would have to shoot up new ideas and get rid of usual ones, get inspired and bring out creativity.

Aspirants have to religiously inculcate the ideology of Constructive Destruction to give way to the hidden spark within. Such approaches can not only bring the best out of one, but also drive towards excellence. MBA is an excellent program where this can be fully utilized and shape the individual to a new level.

Contributed By : Mitesh Agarwal  ( Class of 2011, IBS Hyderabad).

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