How to Improve Your Score In IBSAT

Reading booksThough writing on this subject matter is a difficult exercise, as to predict anything about IBSAT pattern is a difficult one. However there are certain parameters on which if you work upon you can certainly improve your score. Though no hard and fast rule but on a general principles if you follow the guidance note mentioned below in this article you can use the best of your abilities and can come up with flying colors.

1. Work on Basics –  Go back to basics and strengthen your base so that you are conceptually clear in the subject. According to experts, the trend of IBSAT questions demands conceptual clarity.  This is the time when you should recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Try to take a trial mock test. You may not score very high in this nascent stage of preparation, but you will know your strengths and weaknesses and strategize accordingly by focusing more on your weak areas and practice the strong areas adequately so that you don’t lose your touch . Once you are through with the basics then comes the stage of practice.

2. Maximum no of questions need to be attempted – The first cardinal rule is try to cover the maximum no of question, it does not mean that you should do the maximum no of attempts but you should not miss the easy questions, so scan the entire paper and try to hit all the easy balls. At times it happen people get struck in a question and the precious time get wasted and a person not able to cover the entire paper.

3. Accuracy –  Along with attempting the maximum no of questions try to be accurate, otherwise negative marking will curb your score.  Attempt only those in which at least you are 75% sure, rather than making wild guess. Even attempting mock test try to focus a lot on accuracy.

4. Time Management – Allocate Time for each section, so that at least you should not be out of the race because of minimum cut off barrier.

5. Focus on your core strength area –  While attempting IBSAT try to focus a bit on your strong foothold area and it is personally recommended to start with your strong area as it will help you to built your confidence and will place you in comfortable area. Personally I being strong in my data interpretation section and it had given me an edge as DI has bunch of question interlinked to one para reading so it will help you to give answers in bunch of 4 or 5

6. Practice a lot on quant and DIYou can improve your score on quant and DI by practicing a lot , you can attend mock test online and offline and it will help in increasing your accuracy and your speed. You need to fix a clock and try hard on speed. The mantra is first increase accuracy then speed.

7. Tips for verbal ability – Improvise on your vocabulary and reading speed. Read good news paper like Hindu , economic times and others and try to jot down words whose meaning you don’t know and write their meanings this will help you to make your personalized dictainory
For increasing reading speed try to read by removing the comma . You should try to get the crux of the subject matter rather than going in great detail. For improving your vocabulary you can go through the book “Word power made easy”.Advantages Of A Full-Time MBA Program

8. Use logic at times rather than solving the entire questionYou at times need to judge the correct answer by Looking at the options and negating one by one on logic .identify which options not applicable rather than finding out which one is applicable.

9. Develop instincts to identify which question is difficult and need to be left out. You have to bit selective while answering the questions as you have to see you should not fall in love with any question and waste your time. You should be attentive to see that you should not leave the easy question.

10. Develop habit of calculating in mind –  You should try to use your mind for calculating things rather than pen or pencil, this habit need to be developed though it takes times but help in curtailing time and improving your score.

11. Take light food on the day of IBSAT – Try to eat healthy food like lot of salad, fresh fruits, green tree, you can start this habit at least one month before, so you can remain fresh and not fell sick at any point of time. Do not take oily food or rice on the day of test as it creates drowsiness and decreases your alertness.

12. Take a good 8 hr sleep in the previous night to test day – It helps to keep your mind in perfect fit to create a good score.

13. No panic at last moment – Take care of arranging the pencil box, your admit card and try to start early for the examination center and reach well before time, so that you can avoid the risk of congestion on road or any unusual incidents. If your center is in a different city then try to reach at least 1 day in advance, so you can settle down and acclimatize yourself.

14. Time of test taking is importance – When you receive the admit card check the timing and suppose the time of test is 10 am, then place yourself everyday at 10 am to take mock test so you develop the habit of taking test at this time. Your mind will then work at maximum alertness at this time, because you have train your mind for test for this slot.

15. Not get disheartened with mock test score which you have appeared just before IBSAT – Every exam is different, so not lose your confidence or become sad with the mock test score, which you have appeared at the eleventh hour of examination.

Contributed by Maneesh Srivastava ( Class of 2008, IBS Gurgaon )

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