Business school is fascinating and taxing at the same point of time. There is always something new to learn and discover, from the strenuous coursework to the networking prospects, many engagements to keep you on your toes.

It wasn’t any different with my first business school experience. When I started my PGPM degree at IBS Gurgaon, I was both anxious and eager. On the one hand, I had a strong desire to learn from experienced professionals and acquire the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in my career. On the other hand, I was worried whether I would be able to keep up with the workload of rigorous study. I was determined to succeed despite the heavy workload and competition.

When I first arrived at campus, I was astounded by the diversity of my classmates. With people from all over the country and from different backgrounds and industries coming together at one place, I knew that diversity would be a valuable asset while in business school.

The first few weeks were a storm of orientation sessions, icebreakers, and interactions with classmates. The faculty and staff were very helpful and supportive, making it clear that they were there to help us succeed and were available whenever we needed them.

The orientation event had a keynote address by the director of the college, who discussed the value of disruption and innovation in today’s corporate environment. He underlined that for companies to remain competitive and relevant, they must constantly adapt and evolve and so do the students.

Following by a panel discussion featuring college alum who shared their experiences and insights on various topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship, and career development, I found their stories incredibly inspiring, and it was clear that business school has played a significant role in their career development.

The networking possibilities are among the most outstanding advantages of a business school. I’ve had the chance to converse with professionals from numerous backgrounds and fields. I made valuable connections for my future career and gained knowledge from their viewpoints and experiences.

As soon as class started, I was blown away by the intensity of the coursework. The workload was heavy, and the tasks and projects were challenging, but I was determined to take the opportunity. I quickly realized that the best way to be successful in a business school was to surround you with a supportive group of classmates. The group that would keep you organized, help to utilize your time effectively, and support you.

One of the highlights of my first semester was participating in one of the group projects in my class. We were asked to create a business plan for a new startup company and had to present that to a panel of investors. It was a challenging as well as a rewarding experience, and it was great to see how the concepts and knowledge learned in class are applied in the real world. I had the opportunity to participate in guest speaker events and networking events. These events helped me to learn from experienced professionals and helped me make valuable connections in the business world.

The numerous events and activities that the IBS Gurgaon held helped to strengthen my sense of community as well. Through organising events, guest lecturers, and social gatherings, I have connected with my classmates and interacted with them. It also includes lectures and panel discussions on different subjects, like financial analysis, digital marketing, and negotiating techniques. These courses were led by seasoned professionals and offer beneficial real-world information and abilities that I can use in my career.

Business school students are benefited from internships as well, because they get to put their classroom learning to use in real-world scenarios. During my first year at college, at a substantial consumer durables company where I interned, I nabbed real-world marketing experience.

The dynamic and quick-paced nature of the work was the first thing I noticed when I began my internship. I was given numerous tasks and became entirely engrossed in projects, which helped me pick up skills quickly and boost my self-assurance. I have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, from conducting market research to creating marketing campaigns.

The value of collaboration and teamwork was one of the most important lessons I discovered throughout my internship. I quickly understood that cooperation was essential to accomplish our goals since the company’s marketing department mainly comprised individuals with diverse backgrounds and abilities. I gained knowledge about the value of communication and how to persuade my coworkers of my ideas and thoughts.

I also had the chance to be present at meetings with clients and other stakeholders and attend them. I had an opportunity to learn about all facets of the marketing procedure, like pitching ideas and negotiating deals. I discovered how crucial it is to comprehend the demand of customers and the significance of market research to make crucial decisions.

Along with the abilities and knowledge I acquired, I also had the opportunity to interact with other professionals in the field. I got to meet a number of experts in the marketing industry, and they have all given me insightful tips and advice on how to succeed in the corporate world. It gave me a better understanding of the various career options in the marketing industry and a firmer concept of what I wanted to do when I graduated.

Ultimately, I had a rewarding and valuable internship experience. It empowers me to put what I’ve learned in class into practice outside of the classroom and obtain practical experience in my area of interest. My internship gave me knowledge and abilities that will be useful in my future profession. Overall, experience at IBS Gurgaon was challenging but incredibly gratifying. I learned a lot, academically and practically, and made many valuable connections. I look forward to continuing my education and seeing where it will take me in future. I’ve gained knowledge about the industry and myself, and I’m grateful for the chances and experiences I’ve had. For those who prepare to put in the effort and seize the opportunity, it can be a worthwhile and enriching experience.

Shikha Rani

Batch 2022-24

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