How a B School helps you to mold your career?

It was the batch of 2006- 08 and a hall full of new faces glowing with aspirations, dreams, breakthroughs, and excitement for the upcoming two years of our MBA journey. I so clearly still remember the opening speech by our Dean, and a few of his lines would always stay with me. One of the many points was a realization which was not something unknown but usually, we never tend to scrutinize, and it is that “Right now we have a hall full of people coming from various fields, some of us are engineers, some BCAs, some B.Sc./ M.Sc. in Life Sciences, some B.Com./Mcom, and even few doctors. It is like gazing upon a rainbow, and we all are here to learn and train ourselves in one concept. As if, we all are coming together and filtering the broad spectrum into a bright beam of white light. MBA is a course which is lesser academics and more redefining yourself, a course which has the potential to polish everyone and has a curriculum which is a basic growing requisition in every industry and domain.” It has been more than a decade now, and the statement holds stronger than ever with the passing time.

Honestly, getting through a good B School could be competitive and challenging but for the ones who qualify; those 2 years of holistic exposure and experience certainly prepare you primed to hit the industry with a visibly stronger edge. Right now there has been a growing need for workforces with multiple competencies. One individual who stands deliverable in varied parallel fortes which needs to move forward together would mean an asset to his or her firm as that coherently saves time, investment, and cost for the firm. This is where a good choice of B School like ICFAI Business School (IBS) has a major role to play in grooming you in every parameter. By now it is no confession to hide that only core subject knowledge is sometimes isn’t enough to help one to grow and achieve when you are subjected to an array of highly zealous competition. Let me elaborate on certain elements (if not all) which a B School gathers together to bring for you like a bouquet.

Executive Communication: Persuasive skills are something which some people are born with but trust me it’s a rare phenomenon. However, I have no right to dispirit anyone because this is one of the basic things which B School teaches you, the power of expression. Innumerable opportunities of public speaking and discussions through presentations, case study brainstorming, etc. are certain conducts that provide immense scope for polishing one’s communication skills and effective convincing skills all geared up. Personality development programs, mock interviews, and project presentations are a few curricula that add value to one’s power of communication.

Reality Check: Real-life case studies, simulation case studies are some basic picks which is a trend with most B Schools now, where one is tested upon their response and the course of action for the solution of the problem. Some competitive B Schools such as ICFAI Business School (IBS) have intensive programs such as summer internships. Usually this last for 10 to 14 weeks and are a part of the 2 year MBA curriculum wherein the students are placed in firms from various industry starting from banking, consumer goods, Pharma to telecom through the School. The student is assigned to be a part of a certain ongoing or new project wherein he/she has to keep in touch with the faculty at campus and the mentor in the firm to monitor their progress and help them with inputs which would further allow the student to add value to the project and individual growth simultaneously. 

Skill enhancement: Most of the competitive B Schools right now do have tie-ups with the best of national and international firms/ personnel for training the students well versed with varied skills. And yes these programs are just not power talks but are extensive short-term certification projects in various domains such as IT, banking, and also certain firm-based customized programs. This exposure weighs a lot heavier than it sounds. Imagine you get the opportunity to learn programs like SAP, ERP, or Tally from the core professionals with a certificate acknowledgment too. Plus you gain your spread across domains that initially otherwise had no connection with your basic academic education. It certainly gives an added start to your portfolio altogether.

Beam as a team: Be it any industry and any domain a team player is everyone’s choice and a happy employee. While if you don’t perceive yourself as one, B School is a place where it allows you to test your possibilities you weren’t aware of maybe. The person sitting next to you could be anyone and a person of a mix you never met before. Maybe he/she is a B. Tech in Chemical Engineering or maybe an MA in History while you are a commerce graduate and the youngest chap in the class. So here is your moment to learn, to cope, to know, and to explore more about so so many various fields and their functionality. Such situations are the best place to learn to cope in the various team set up and even in building up a potential team based upon the need of one’s project and the leverages required for the same. This is one of the very important skills required in real-time where we need a consolidated team of people who have an edge on different levels rather than everyone being on the same plane. B Schools today focus on creating an environment that is multi-cultural and multi-talented which enhances the maximum real-time learning for the students.

Business School is certainly existent to trim out the best version of you and to arm you well enough to be desirable and a great addition to your association in your near future. There is no doubt to it. Hope I could put a good light on a few points which add value to your career and make it clearer for you now to make a good decision of choice.

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