Do Only Top B – School Graduates Have A Successful Career?

Nowadays when you see someone as the CEO or General Manager of some company, or a successful owner of some start up , the first thing that you think about that person is , he must be from IIM’S or ISB. People generally have the notion that most of the successful people in this world are only the intelligent ones who go to top B – Schools only. Reality is something different.

In today’s competitive era, you need not have to be super duper genius to be successful. You just need to be super smart. There have been so many successful entrepreneurs in our country who were not even fully educated. Take the example of Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani , founder of Reliance ltd. He went to Yemen without even completing his education to work with a firm and came back to India to start his own business in spices. Was he some IIM pass out? The answer is NO.

Like Dhirubhai Ambani many entrepreneurs are being born every day. Some new start up is coming in news for its excellent performance and innovative ideas. Do you think that only the IIM’s or some top grade B-school graduate is behind that? Colleges only provide you with an environment to develop your skill. They give you knowledge and training and if you get adequate training, no matter from which college you are, you will succeed as long as you put together your hard and smart work.

Coming to placements even non IIM’s are giving good placement packages and profiles. B-Schools like Icfai Business School, Narsee munjee, and K.J Somaya provided excellent placement opportunities to their students. Take the example of Icfai Business School. The highest international package for IBS Hyderabad went to 24lakhs and highest domestic package went to 10 lakhs in 2013 which is pretty good. More over these colleges are visited by top most companies of world including JPMorgan, Crisil, Coca Cola , Facebook etc. Even if you look at the alumni networks of these colleges, you will find many of them working in top positions in big companies.

I am not saying that all the students passing out from these colleges get high packages and profile. Your career is not your right, but it is the opportunity that you have to avail. Even some students from IIM’s don’t get good profiles and packages. Ultimately it all comes down to the individual student. If you are a good and hardworking student and you know how to express your strengths, it doesn’t matter from which college you have studied as you will ultimately excel in your life.

I am not saying that you should stop studying to get good marks in CAT/XAT/GMAT because you will get good placements with other colleges also. This article is addressing to those students who think that their life has no meaning below IIM’s and Parents who get disappointed when their child is not able to get 99 percentile in CAT. Don’t be disappointed and lose hope because, life is like a train. No matter what track you choose, ultimately you will reach your destination.

Contributed by Prachi Tewari (Batch 2013, IBS Hyderabad)

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