How MBA Helps In Personality Development

Two years back I was a completely different person. I lacked confidence, I didn’t know how to behave professionally and I didn’t know how to talk. In a nutshell I was someone who would not give a very good impression in the first meeting. Therefore this article is my story. How MBA changed my personality.

Changing one’s personality is a slow and steady process which takes time and proper guidance. MBA, as a course, gives you the proper environment for this to take place. The curriculum of this course includes activities that give the person an exposure to the outside world which ultimately helps him in gaining the following attributes:

  • Confidence – The College I attended had class participation as one of the techniques for evaluation of the student which included daily class discussion. Imagine yourself speaking everyday in front of 70 students. At first it was a kind of nightmare for me, but then eventually I got used to it and today because of this I am confident enough to address a crowd of 1000 people. This is the kind of change that MBA brings in you.
  • Maturity – I know this must be sounding very weird, that how can an MBA degree bring maturity in you, but trust me it does. This is because the faculties expect you to behave like managers. The discussions will happen in a very professional way. A girl like me who use to read only page 3 in a newspaper cannot live without reading economic times today.
  • Professionalism – Right from how to shake hands with your boss, to how to use a fork and knife in a business dinner, everything is trained right from the first day. After two years when you will come out you will know how managers behave in a corporate world. This is the most important lesson that you learn, because in whichever industry you will go, no matter how much knowledge you possess, if you will not be able to present yourself you will not be taken. I guess that is the reason why I did not get a placement after I still remember how I was sitting and talking in front of the interviewer. It is only after I came to IBS that I understood that what I did that day was incorrect.
  • Knowledge & Experience – It is a fact that people listen to those who have the knowledge. MBA as a course helps you to develop not only the bookish knowledge but also the real time knowledge. The case studies and role play exercises helps you to understand the implementation of a concept in real world. You will have in depth knowledge and understanding of how different areas in an organization work and once you understand, you impress.

I am not saying I am some big shot today but all I can say is that today I am an independent, confident girl who can take any kind of responsibility and I would give a lot of credit to MBA for this.

Contributed by Prachi Tewari (Batch 2013, IBS Hyderabad)

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