Why 2021 is the Best Time to Invest in getting a Management Education?

2021 is turning out to be one of the defining years in the history of the world, and unlike any of the years that have preceded it. While on one hand, the ongoing pandemic is claiming lives all over the world, yet on the other hand the stringent measures to control the virus such as international travel ban, and lockdown, have played havoc with the economy. The series of unprecedented changes started in Q1 of 2020 that have affected many industries and geographies changing the way business is carried out everywhere. Many professionals have also been affected economically due to this, and many are reconsidering their career paths and options. These are precisely the reason why getting a business school education in 2021 may be the best decision. This statement may confuse you, that if a year is generally considered adverse for the industries worldwide, how can it be a good time to get a management degree which aims for industry integration. Here are some factors that you must consider that will help you understand the reason behind such a bold claim.

  • The expected rise in Demand – Several industries have faced severe challenges and there have also been big lay-offs across sectors. There has also been a dip in hiring and the promotions have also been held off at several companies due to the financial losses. This is why several professionals are not looking for a change of job just yet. The industry is however is expected to rebound once the vaccines push immunity higher and open up trade. That is why it is imperative that when the market opens you put your best foot forward and propel your career forward with a B School degree.
  • Changing of work norms – While the concepts of work from home and flexible timing have been in existence for a long time, it is only during the pandemic situation that the companies adopted it en masse. This means that employers in the future are likely to be more open to hiring from remote locations with work from home profiles. This provides the B School students a bigger playground since they can apply for a job located anywhere. These avenues are available to you once you go through the management degree and in the meanwhile the changes take shape.
  • Changing career track – Many professionals have been interested in changing their career track however the industries have been less receptive to accept professionals from other backgrounds or industries. Management education is an excellent way in which you can showcase your talent and create a great transition point for your career. This way you can join the industry of your choice and build your career further.You can also upskillyourself according to the changes that might be sweeping through the industries such as digital transformation.
  • Personality development opportunity – Apart from the education, one of the biggest benefits of undergoing a Management degree at a reputed B School such as ICFAI Business School or IBS, is the opportunity to enhance your personality. 2021 happens to be the perfect time to do so since you can work on your soft skills and be ready for the opportunity once you pass out from the B School. There are plenty of activities such as debates, discussions, presentations, skits, speeches, hosting opportunities, and other platforms that the students can utilize to hone their social skills.
  • Global credential and validity – If you hope to move to a different country, you can utilize your business school degree to find a suitable opportunity outside. The MBA or PGPM is one of the most well-accepted degrees that is desired by employers throughout the world. The degree is even more valuable if you get it from a premier business school such as ICFAI Business School (IBS).Getting employedat a Multi-National Company or MNC can also provide you exciting opportunity to work offshore.
  • Entrepreneurship acumen – If you want in the future to start your own business, the business management courses that are optimized for that can guide you in the right direction. This way, when you start your business at a later stage you will likely have the most updated tools and knowledge. The MBA also paves the way to getting better response and confidence in your ability to run the business due to the industry-oriented nature of the course.

These reasons make investing in management education is one of the best decisions you can take for your career. The post COVID period is likely to be still volatile with some of the fundamental changes in the ways of working have taken place in the course of the pandemic. The future-focused nature of management education makes it the perfect option for the professionals looking to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. When choosing a course the professionals should pay special attention to ensure that the B School integrates learning methods that are fit for studying the market and industry closely such as the case study method used at the ICFAI Business School (IBS). This will ensure that the students develop sound insights about their fields of choice.

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