What Does Industry Expect from Mba Hires?

We operate in an era of cut throat competition, where split second decisions push organisations out of the competitive landscape and bring others in. Tom Peters sums it up beautifully in two words by saying that either you are ‘quick’ or you are ‘dead’. Evidently the industry expects MBAs to be business ready people!

Although we can have an endless debate about what the industry expects from MBA hires, right from talking about technical skills, to people and business skills to basic human values of responsibility, commitment and integrity etc. The discussion can go on and on and yet all of them as mentioned above are useful, we need a set of qualities that have a universal appeal.

Listed below are 10 skills, that the industry expects from MBA hires and which you can develop in yourself.

  1. Strong Work Ethic: Strong work ethic means that you take charge of your work, are self motivated and assume responsibility of getting the work done by yourself, no matter what; your learning ability, ability to take feedback positively and readiness to put your best foot forward in every circumstance.
  2. Positive Attitude: Positive attitude connotes your enthusiasm about the work you are doing. You must be able to create good opinion about yourself and the organisation in the minds of your consumers and your own people.
  3. Communication Skills: Good communication skills begin with a good listening ability and ability to articulate your thoughts clearly. An ability to speak in a language such that you are able to build relationships with your colleagues, customers and vendors.
  4. Time Management: Knowledge of how to assign priorities to tasks and juggle a number of projects / tasks at the same time.
  5. Team Working Skills: Industry expects people to work in teams, promoting harmony, cooperation and ability to assume leadership role as and when required.
  6. Self Confidence: Faith in one’s own capabilities to handle the assigned task well. Ability to empower others and having the courage to question established wisdom.
  7. Take Feedback: Fresh MBA hires are supposed to emotionally strong to handle criticism from people they work with (clients, colleagues, seniors and even juniors).
  8. Flexibility: Flexibility refers to the ability to accept new challenges, change with situations and openness to new thoughts and ideas.
  9. Handling pressure: People who can work with deadlines and get done in time. Handle crises and manage resources well against a set timeline.
  10. Financial Literacy: All businesses look at the outcome in terms of numbers. Industry expects MBA hires to be financially literate so that work with numbers well and study growth / de-growth patterns.

These are the elementary skills the industry looks for in fresh MBAs.

Good luck as you move ahead.

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