Vlogging-The new face of Blogging

All of you would be aware about blogging and bloggers, but trust me Vlogging/Vidding is the latest On-line social media tool to communicate with the end customer. This started way back in 2002 when one of the bloggers by name Adam Kontras, in an attempt to increase readership for his blog about his company, included a video where along with the written part he himself explained about his company operations to his users.

Hardly then he realised that it will become a path breaking tool for interacting with the companies who are always on their toes to look out for new ways to make more customer base.Ever realised while reading about a company, or going through its website you always want to know how the employees working there think about it ? What is the future goal of the company, values driving force, when all of it comes from the people who are running the business themselves it makes more sense and is anytime more interacting. Today Vlogging is being used for not only depicting company profiles but even companies are using this tool for communicating with their target customer ranging from students to old age people. Vlogs today revolve around anything and everything, from a day in a person’s life to Vlog channels that cover electronics, video games or beauty products.

Among different advantage of Vlogs over conventional add it helps you give the personalised touch to your products for customers who really want to know about the products. Many people are taking up Vlogging as a serious profession too because of so much of  money involved into it. Unlike Ad scene by google where in a blog there is very less chance of any advertisement being intercepted by the reader, an Vlog is catered specifically for people who are really interested in it. Anyone can become a Vlogger today what it requires most is some creativity, good content and theme about any product or company and good amount of viewership. If you want to make a career in Vlogging you need to be patient enough for viewers to come towards your videos which is not very difficult in today’s facebook era. Companies are providing good amount of money to regular Vloggers and most of them left their regular profession to become a full time Vlogger. Yan Higa a Japanese-American comedian from Hawaii, is currently the most subscribed to YouTube channel. Ryan, who broke 2,000,000 subscribers last month, Vlogs in the form of humorous sketches, rants and music videos. Names like Shane Dawson, Lucas Cruikshank are today very well know names in among companies who prefer to go for Vlogs rather than sticking to conventional marketing techniques.

According to an article published in The Telegraph At least 10 independent Vloggers on YouTube are earning over $100,000 (£65,000) a year in advertising revenue from the video-sharing site alone.

Contributed by SHARIQUE MANAZIR ( Class of 2013, IBS Hyderabad)

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