Trending trends: 2012

Year and year down the line things in the field of marketing are changing. What used to be a sure shot way to success now seems to be a good old day practice. It’s not like things have completely turned upside down, but it’s highly justifiable if we say trends are trending. Honesty and worthiness in customer relationship are a must, but the big question is what will be the market driving force in the astronomically said human races last year 2012.

Customers and market trends are changing like a game of IPL. The biggest question in the market is “what’s emerging”. The company that can answer this question can surely bank upon its survival. Yahoo top stories, news, twitter blogs the social media in itself is changing at a speed like never before showcases the changing trends in the Indian society. Aakash, ubislate, android, touch pads, tablets, windows you name it we have it. We are moving towards never ending highly competitive digital markets. Social media is causing a complete shift in the consumer’s mentality; blogs, articles, news-letters, case studies have become predominant in affecting buying patterns. Websites like dare2compete have been successful in unplugging the best of solutions from the buyer’s point of view with mere use of case studies.

Digitization however is a double edge sword; one should never forget any form of marketing will never end up a success story until and unless it has got a human touch attached to it. Emotional marketing has been the greatest asset for a marketer play with. Use of new technologies provides a wide reach; however conveying a message in the right format is what wins the heart. With increasing digitization and emerging Indian markets, the digital world is bombarded with advertisements and banners. The situation has become such that opening a webpage makes it a compulsion to visit an advertisement. At this juncture finding the right content, quantity and location is what takes the ultimate position. If mere Facebooking or tweeting was digital marketing, saturation levels would have been way surpassed.

Relationship based markets is what we are moving into. Consumers want to relate to the brand and its image, and companies who can gel along the relation are marking the success stories.

Digitization is at centre stage, trends are changing and creativity is the only way out.

If your company’s hormonal balance does not carry the spice for creativity the longevity of your survival is highly endangered.


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