THE SECRET for success: “Chase your dreams and make it a Reality”

Friends my story might motivate young aspirants like you who come with a belief that by having an MBA degree we can end up with a good job.

First of all let me start with a negative approach, so that I kill all the optimism inside a young charismatic mind who thinks with MBA degree he will have all the success and with thousands of thoughts we are unstoppable. It’s true only in special cases but more often than not…….

MBA is an opportunity to interact with fresh minds, it has nothing to do with a guarantee of ending up with a monthly salary of 6 figures, at-least not when you are competing with 900 people for campus placements. The college needs to place 900 students so even they can’t find you better jobs and are in no position to bargain. So what happens is that when the companies come for placement there is a mismatch between your dreams and the offer. You always wanted a Branding Co. to pick you up or an Investment banking team to give you responsibility which you can boast about or you end up with some FMCG major as a manager, but the truth is you start as a Sales team manager or a branch executive of a bank or as an associate in the I-Bank firm and the day comes when you curse the reality because it missed your expectation.

What happens then?  20% look for switches in the very first month. 30% within a year, 75% crib about their job. There were at-least 50 people that I can recall who are doing great in their field now in terms of package and only 20 who are satisfied with their job ,but I can bet they would have done much better if they would have chased their dreams. They had brilliant ideas, brilliant thoughts, out of the box concepts, but they were scared what if it does not happen. When reality doesn’t meet expectation we are afraid of losing what we have and we accept the life as it is, that’s why we burden ourselves with the current job but we don’t like it. But all of us are special, all of us are talented and it takes some toll on character to believe what you are.

“A human aspiration is like a bird, risk is the reason, and how we know we have wings to fly and career is where we go down and take a leap to go near the sky and it’s our aspiration that inspires us to see the world from top 🙂 Aspire and work for it we will one day be what we deserve”

I ended up with a good job, a PPO, perhaps amongst the best what they can offer but I had my own dream and I had my own expectations. We all have watched 3 idiots, when at the start of the movie it resembled me when I used to tell my friends, don’t run for marks run for knowledge, but still I realized something is incomplete though mentally I should be satisfied. The question worried me a lot and I realized I was not following my dream and it changed my life after that. I decided to risk it all and follow my passion, I chalked out my career plan and made all the calculations both on negative and positive side. What is the worse thing that can happen? One question will always haunt you when you take such impulsive decision but eventually I risked it all.

The difference between the degree of success is a trump card called “Willingness” and the Trump card comes to you with an addition to your attitude, its “Daring” . Incidentally people think it’s risking your career but its simply accepting the “Challenge” from Life. GO ahead with what you wanted because if your heart says this is not what you want to do it means you have to do what you think you are for

Coming back to my home town I started work as an equity market analyst. I got the opportunity to share my ideas on Equity Market, my area of interest and my dream to make it big on TV channel. Today I come on media whenever I want to share my ideas. I am doing what I can do best because I never learnt anything beyond this and never had any other alternative.

Now when I stand here I still know I have just begun my journey but I wake up every morning with a mental calmness that I enjoy my work. I feel if I would have not given myself a chance than I would have not had the mantra for success.

“Achieving the best outcome for your work is your commitment and the passion is the measure with which you are committed to work is your interest.”

Dear Friends Chase your dreams and make it big in future, nurture your talent and focus what you want to. At young age one feels you can play multiple roles thousands of thoughts would surround but you can be what you ought to be.  It’s the very thought when you entered the campus or you aspire to be before taking up the course or something that inspired you, attracted you.

Work for your dreams, chase your dreams you will get the opportunity if you work for it. Give yourself the chance and that’s THE SECRET FOR SUCCESS, the day you will believe you can, I assure you, you will.

And never compare the ratio of success with the package you get in comparison with your friends. You all are special in your own way it’s just that you begin your journey a bit late. Money will follow automatically with growth in career

Wish you all the best for your career. Do not let your dreams go away they came to you so that you can fly high.


Contributed by Aashish Tater (Batch 2009, IBS Hyderabad). Aashish is the President-Financial Research at Fort Share Broking

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