The Process Of Converting Yourself Into An All Rounder

The school days and college days are ones to remember for. But management studies are the one which will create a benchmark for any student in life. The campus experience in a management college is one memory cherished for lifetime.

IBS gives a mix of both management and team work learning and a full campus experience. Campus life is not defined by the area covered by the college but rather by the activities and exposure covered by the college. IBS gives the full exposure including all various types of activities. Right from the very first day IBS has been different for me in various aspects. The activities range from cultural to management and corporate. Its all student driven and of course with the full support of the faculties. It gives an experience of leadership quality and team work. It teaches the management styles, crisis management and time management all in a very informal way. It teaches us how to befriend and adjust even in uncomfortable situations. Campus life is all about those experience of various events on stage and back stage and handling them well with the studies.

It also gives us the way to connect them to the theories and experience which gives us the motivation to reach a destination or goal. The one among the first thing a candidate looks for in any college is a good campus. A great campus is built up by the type of freedom of thought given to the students. The freedom to organize and build up ideas and being able to execute them is what makes up campus life. It not only helps a person build up various qualities but also motivates them to come up with the ideas and thoughts. IBS has a reputation of churning out good managers, the managers who are filled with goals and ambitions. The teachers at IBS encourage the students to study as well as to have fun. The communication barrier between faculty and student is narrowed down which helps a student to grow as a person. A life changing education is what a student will experience here.

These two years of management studies will make build a persona not only on the basis of the management studies, but also on the basis of the real life activities and the thrilling campus life experience will provide with the mixed experiences which will toughen up the students for corporate life.

Contributed by Rima Agarwal (Batch 2014, IBS Ahmedabad)

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