To some extent, women have been deprived of opportunities once in a lifetime because of their gender. India’s history of women struggling for equality is not a novel concept. Basic rights like education and freedom to choose a specific life for themselves were big things to ask back then. Due to inequalities in income, most families always ended up being middle class or in the lower middle-class bands.

Later, people realized the inequality and conservatism created in the name of values and started questioning. Social standards and traditions never worked in a women’s favor anyway. Gradually, this belief changed, and women asking for equal rights in society. We are already halfway, but a long journey is yet to be covered. The families were hesitant to accept a ‘working woman’ because, you know, she ‘may not look after the family’. What an anomaly it was at that time. With the increased awareness, I feel most of the current generation is lucky enough, as they are free to obtain any degree of their choice, and choose any field to work as well. We are independent and even ventured out on our own, in different fields.

But then again, the challenges never end now more than ever, it has become so easy to compare ourselves to people on entirely different paths. ⁠We compare ourselves to people who have been building their careers and finances much longer than we have. We compare ourselves to people who had financial support from their families when we didn’t. We compare ourselves to people whose lives seem alluring when they may be in debt trying to afford their lifestyle. ⁠

Nowadays, women are gradually making their leadership presence felt in entrepreneurship, administration, education, engineering, health, etc. at regional, national, and global levels. Women are now breaking the traditional glass ceiling that barred them from entering leadership positions even if they possessed the requisite skills and talent to occupy them. Women are constantly evolving and reaching new milestones across a wide spectrum of human activities in modern times. They function as a role model for their subordinates. They inspire their team and spend a lot of time coaching their team. They care a lot about their personal development. Women leaders emphasize teamwork, collaborate well, and are multi-taskers who are thriving to balance the home and work efficiently. Their authentic communication act as a key to success. For most women leaders, leadership is not meant only for accomplishing organizational goals but for transforming their people into better and improved individuals. Any institution, whether it is society or organization, in the present century cannot function effectively without women’s equal participation in leadership activities. Women bring a whole new perspective emphasizing overall growth.

In today’s world, organizations that are led by leadership teams make effective decisions that deliver better results. In the twenty-first century, the essential qualities required to lead include the ability to collaborate, connect, empathize and communicate. Many statistics show that companies led by women have better financial results. Leadership by women is vital to increase the pace of societal transformation at home and in the workplace. Women leaders are likely to provide an integrated view of work and family, resulting in an engaged and promising personal and professional future. Gender parity in leadership is important because true progress cannot happen without a diversity of perspectives in leadership roles.

However, to bring equality environmental support and guidance are extremely vital. I am fortunate enough to find the required push in IBS Gurgaon, everyone here believes in equivalent opportunities irrespective of their gender. Professors here, give equal opportunities to all and educate them to grow. As even today too many women continue to experience environments where their achievements and voices are not recognized or heard. Proudly, IBS pays special attention to how women learn while placing that learning within the overall co-educational context on the campus. They offer a stimulating, active, and academic environment and a home to all students. The environment here is warm, friendly, and inclusive. The College has shaped outstanding, independent-minded women across different careers. Our alumni also support each other and the young women just starting in their careers. IBS has female workers, receptionists, and staff which certainly shows they not only preach but also aim to give equal career and educational opportunities to all. Most importantly, it is essential to give safe working space to women. All measures are carefully taken to make the environment friendly, safe, and secure. This way, no woman will ever feel unheard or unappreciated in any field, and will continue to grow. A woman has always been capable to lead and excel in the desired field and with appropriate provision, the sky will always be the limit. IBS not only strengthens the core foundation of the individual but also makes them believe in the power of raising their voice against inequality.


BATCH 2022-2024

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