Somebody sue this celebrity!

As per the latest Central Consumer Protection Council (CCPC) guidelines, if products do not give results as promised in advertisements, consumers can now claim compensation not only from advertisers but also from celebrities endorsing such products.

So folks, partly due to laziness and partly because i do not use any of these products, I’ve prepared a list of celebrities who are definitely advertising products which do not give results as promised. If you are equally annoyed, and feel duped by such dastardly acts, don’t wait any longer, somebody sue this celebrity!


1. Shahrukh Khan

Well king khan definitely had it coming. I used to like this guy when Fauji & Circus took over the Indian television, and actually rooted for him in the earlier stages of his career when he was a small star taking on the Kapoors and what not, to establish himself in Bollywood.

Well mission accomplished.

SRK started annoying me, when he started appearing in almost every film and became a phenomenon much bigger than himself. The peak of this nuisance was definitely when he bought an IPL team and soon integrated Cricket with mindless masala entertainment (and then Extraaa Innings topped his effort). But, that’s just my opinion and I do not intend to diminish his achievements, after all they are stellar achievements.

Then again, just watch this ridiculous ad he’s made!


As though fairness creams were not retarded enough as a concept, the product team at Emami went ahead and made it much worse by customizing a cream for men. Of course, it’s a large market segment for there are many (millions) of dark skinned men in India, but selling them a cream promising fairness (and playing on their existing insecurities), just seems, wrong?

But, then again, I digress.

The point is not the Ad but the celebrity endorsing it. In this Ad he claims, ”Zyaada izzat, Zyaada shaurat, Zyaada friends” (Extra respect, Extra prosperity, Extra friends) all possible if you apply Emami Fair and Handsome – Kuch Zyaada(Something Extra)!

So there you have it. Have you used this awesome product? Have you become considerably fairer? Which has of course resulted in increased Respect, Wealth and Friends?? No? Then please sue this celebrity!


2. Kareena Kapoor

Where do I start with this woman, oh yes, I preferred her sister! It really surprises me how Kareena Kapoor has managed to become one of bollywood’s biggest actors. Notwithstanding her acting skills, I just do not like her. But I’m not an avid bollywood movie-watcher, so who cares any which way.


So this particular Ad isn’t as rubbish as the majority of the Ads we are exposed to, but one line in particular caught my attention.

“1 stroke is all it takes”?!

So the Ad claims that by using this Lakme Eyeconic product, you get “Iconic eyes everyday” or “Eyeconic eyes every day” or even “Iconic I’s everyday”. Basically, the eyes of an icon. So if you are a consumer, who feels cheated because your eyes / I’s are in no way iconic / eyeconic, then please, sue this celebrity!

I know it’s a weak argument, but hey it’s Kareena. I don’t think I need to work very hard to get somebody to sue her! And Saif is another headache altogether.


3.  Akshay Kumar

The action star has always made ridiculous over-the-top stunt-filled Ads, and I have no problem with that. He’s managed to become a powerhouse of Bollywood and was even part of a successful (was it?) TV reality show. The Ad I’m presenting however, is not at all an action-based execution and relies more on Mr. Akshay Kumar’s acting prowess (Laughable, I know).


So Honda scooters give a mileage of 60 KMPL?! Well I call bulls***!

None of the gearless scooters in India can manage that type of performance on Indian roads, especially Activa, Dio and Aviator! There is of course a very incongruous disclaimer –

*Based on internal Honda riding mode considering various simulated actual riding conditions

Gentlemen, brace yourselves- it’s simulated, yet somehow it is actual! Voila. What exactly are these riding conditions?! Do they even use an actual road for testing?

By giving such an ambiguous disclaimer, Honda is literally begging for scrutiny. This is nothing new, as almost all leading Car/Bike Manufacturers provide unrealistic figures for mileage (Remember Bajaj Platina and the 108 KMPL promise?). However, I think it’s about time they stopped doing this, and now with the CCPC standing behind consumers, somebody should raise this issue and hold auto-makers responsible for spreading misinformation. Somebody.

Somebody, who has a Honda Dio, maybe? Which does NOT give 60 KMPL ever, well here’s your chance at fame, sue this celebrity!


4. Salman Khan

So where do we begin, with the enigmatic, yet child-like Sallu Bhai? Not with the fans, that’s where. From my experience of dealing with hardcore loyalists (Modi Mania, AAPtards) and fans (Rajni/Sachin), I can honestly say, Salman fans fall into the ‘insane’ category. It’s just incredible how excited, protective, overbearing and angry (all at the same instant, mind you) they get when the subject of Salman Khan is brought up.

However, he already has enough problems with the Law (Hunting Black bucks, dead homeless people etc) so I wouldn’t actually advice anybody to sue him. (Yes, I do not want to mess with Salman Khan fans)

So here’s a stupid Ad he did for Relaxo, laugh along and smile if there are any Salman fans around you, and you should be fine.



5. Amitabh Bachchan

How can such an illustrious list not include the biggest name in Bollywood?! The actor who rose to stardom as the ‘angry young man’ of Indian cinema and made a comeback of sorts in the last decade, starting with hosting the popular show ‘Kaun banega crorepati(KBC)’.

Also he became an absolute sell out. Seriously, there have been times when I wonder if he declines any offer to endorse a product?! From cars to pens to chocolates and hair oil, he seems to be endorsing every product there is!

So here is the Big B himself, advertising for Navratna hair oil.


Sorry for the bad audio mix, I’m assuming that’s an issue with this particular video and not the original ad. Hopefully.

The ad is a bit old and not really as nauseating as some other recent ads, but it does provide a ripe opportunity to cry foul. Do you have any unwarranted tensions in your life? Is your Job too stressful? Is the Girl friend or wife nagging you too much? Are Bullies getting the better of you?

Well have you tried Navratna hair oil!?! You must. And then, if your tension does not dissipate, or if you do not feel so ‘Thanda Thanda Cool Cool’. Sue this celebrity!


To anyone reading this, I’ve tried to list out few celebrities, who I think are getting away with endorsing random products, just for their personal gain. However, I request you to look around and find many more.

The new CPCC guidelines are prominent stepping stones to empowering the consumer. If we, as responsible citizens, do not let our opinions be heard, we will be subjected to the whims of few big ad agencies. Who will continue to make rubbish advertisements and shove it in our face, during our favourite show/program. It really surprises me how so many numb-skull advertisements have been approved and allowed to be aired!

Of course, not all advertising is as bad as the ones we are subjected to.

Here’s an example of an ad for Thai Life Insurance:



Beautiful wasn’t it?

Here is another heartwarming ad for Binani Cements:



Of course these 2 ads play more on emotions, rather than promote or advertise the product, but it does leave a favourable image regarding the brand doesn’t it?

Before I sign off, I’d like to broach on another subject. With the elections approaching, for the first time I’ve noticed the big political parties of India making Television commercials!


Here is Congress’ ad which was a constant pain-in-the-backside for anyone who used Youtube from India:



Rocket Science, Rocket Science, Rocket Science, Rocket Science – Shut up Congress!

And during the recently held ICC T20 world cup, BJP started broadcasting ads during the matches! Here’s one specimen:



Let’s not forget the ‘Ab ki baar Modi sarcar’ phenomenon. Funny how an entire nation gets together over silly jingles, annoying tunes and catchphrases, while hindutva and regionalism divide us. Remember Idea’s Honey bunny and No ullu banaoing?

However, are these political advertisements subject to the CPCC guidelines as well?

Can we hold the parties accountable if they fail to action the points touched upon during their campaigning phase?

Everyone seems to know and accept the fact that once the campaigning is done and election phases complete across the country, the politicians will return to doing what they do best.

Absolutely Nothing.

I think these guys are celebrities in their own rights, and I would love to see them being sued for misinformation and general non-performance!

I’m going to leave the definition of ‘Politic’ here, so you can smile at the irony on your way out.

Politic ˈpɒlɪtɪk/


(of an action) seeming sensible and judicious in the circumstances.

“I did not think it politic to express my reservations”

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    If you want to complain against nonsense advertisements, you can go through the website ascionline
    I launched a complaint against Honda for its nonsense ad of Akshay Kumar saying about 60 kmpl mileage by Honda scooters


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