Quicforce, the LMS of ICFAI Business School, facilitates learning beyond the classroom

Gone are the days when the learning used to be synonymous with the classroom, and when missing a day’s classes due to an exigency would put the students’ academic performance at a disadvantage. The new way of learning digitally has provided the students of various streams with remarkable tools that have made the learning flexible and free from the confines of the classroom. Today the management students who are pursuing their education from premier business schools such as ICFAI Business School (IBS) can take ownership of their learning. To enable this change, ICFAI Business School (IBS)offers the students access to on-demand learning thanks to the integration of technology in the education system. The usage of a Learning Management System or LMS is one such solution that has enabled the educational institutions to provide quality education while giving the students easy access to learning. At ICFAI Business School (IBS) the LMS is named as  “Quicforce”, has some great functionality that befits the world-class education provided by the B-school. Let us take a closer look at the Quicforce and how it contributes to the academic performance of the students. 

What is Quicforce LMS? 

Quicforce is a Learning Management System which is based on one of the most popular LMS which is open source. It provides the students with plenty of high-quality and dynamic e-learning content that is provided by ICFAI Business School (IBS). It can easily be accessed by the students from the safety and comfort of their homes, or any other location. All they need is a computer with an active internet connection. It is a tried and tested system, having been a reliable asset to ICFAI Business School (IBS) since 2012 when it was first launched. That is why even in the face of the ongoing pandemic, it has been working seamlessly connecting the students to ICFAI Business School (IBS). The students can carry out most of their studies using the Quicforce system, including accessing the e-learning modules, coursework, and even remotely submitting assignments. On the other hand, the teachers can get a lot more flexibility in creating online, and blended learning courses for the students with flexibility in course design, multimedia content creation, student evaluations, providing feedback, and even grading the work submitted by students. 

Contribution of Quicforce to academic success at ICFAI Business School

Since its launch in 2012, Quicforce has been an integral part of the ICFAI Business School (IBS)academic experience, reinforcing the learning practices of the business school’s world-class curriculum. Here are some of the key benefits that Quicforce provides to the students and teachers of ICFAI Business School (IBS): 

  • Classroom to Online – The most essential way that Quicforce contributes to the academics at ICFAI Business School (IBS)is that it reinforces the classroom and instructor-led learning with a variety of e-Learning material. The material is made available online, so that the students can access it anytime and anywhere, even long after the class. This minimizes the student’s dependence on the classroom notes and frees them up during the class to interact and experience the activities of the classroom. 
  • Captivating Content – While the traditional presentations and books only gave a few opportunities for the teachers to engage the students, the modern tools available with the LMS help the teacher make interactive content easily. With interactive quizzes, activities, and online forums, the students can showcase their learning.
  • Access to eLearning – The students can access their classroom presentations, iBooks, and specialized ICFAI Business School (IBS) Case-based Learning Guides, all through the Quicforce LMS. Along with these, the students can also take part in quizzes, and other exercises to evaluate their understanding of specific chapters.
  • Interactive learning – The students can engage with other learners to share best practices through the specialized forums and build their understanding of certain subjects. They can use self-assessments designed in the course to showcase their knowledge.
  • Curriculum management – Through utilizing the instructional and learning design technology, the students can visualize their progress along the curriculum designed by their instructors at ICFAI Business School (IBS). This provides a clear sense of direction to the students and even helps them revise their course progress before the examinations. Messages and alerts can be sent to students through the LMS automatically, to guide the students along with the important steps in their course.
  • Live Sessions – Thanks to the live sessions hosted on the LMS, the quality of education at ICFAI Business School (IBS) can be kept consistent as the faculty and the students can have two-way interaction in real-time. The students can even ask questions and clarify their doubts so that there are no gaps left in their understanding.
  • Examinations Made Easy – Despite the restricted movement, social distancing, and other protocols enforced by the government, the studies and examinations are taking place seamlessly due to the LMS Quicforce. Even the examinations are easier for the students since they can attempt the examinations from the comfort of their home.
  • Students and teachers constantly rely on Quicforce to continue the progression of the courses at ICFAI Business School (IBS). The younger generation has been finding it easier to find the right information related to their coursework through the app or online platform with relative ease, accelerating their learning. The teachers can automate many of their tasks and the learning administration has become easier cutting off the work involved in managing the course. This makes the Quicforce a win-win solution to many problems encountered by the students and faculty members. Access to Quicforce is provided to all the ICFAI Business School (IBS)students freely and they can log in through their id and password as shared by the ICFAI Business School (IBS). The robust technology solutions of the LMS helps ICFAI Business School (IBS) break the barrier of the classroom and provide the students access to the best Management Education in India.

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