No physical classes is no problem for ICFAI Business School (IBS) students

Management is one of the disciplines that strive and flourish in making classroom learning as applicable in real-life scenarios as possible. The various management principles find their place out of textbooks and as valuable tools at the hands of the management students which in turn can be used to shape their futures. That is why, for the management students, learning their course work in an applied and practical way is of utmost importance. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many management students, as well as business schools, have been facing a challenge in facilitating the classes through virtual or online mediums. One of the business schools that have carved away out of this predicament is ICFAI Business School, also called IBS.

Counted among the most prestigious and well-acclaimed business schools of India, ICFAI Business School (IBS) stands head and shoulder above the average B-schools. The students of ICFAI Business School (IBS) can enjoy the migration to the online classes during the pandemic easy to adjust since blended online learning has been an integral part of the ICFAI Business School (IBS) campus experience. The transition is backed by the learning management system or LMS called Quicforce, which has been surveying the ICFAI Business School (IBS)since the year 2012. The Quicforce is based on one of the popular platforms called Moodle and provides the courses a blended approach towards learning with synchronous and asynchronous modes. This enables the esteemed faculty members of ICFAI Business School (IBS)to deploy their course work through an assortment of learning activities assignments, evaluations, projects, quizzes, and assessments.

Here are some of the best features of online learning that are utilized at ICFAI Business School (IBS).

  • Live sessions: The experienced and well-versed faculty members of ICFAI Business School (IBS)deliver an impactful session filled with interaction, discussion, and insights about the subject.
  • Learning reflections: Once the live session has been conducted, the students can access the learning reflections through a series of formative assessments. This is made possible with the help of LMS where the students’ learning journeys are preserved.
  • Enabling preparedness: For the complex subjects that are covered in the course of management education at ICFAI Business School (IBS), the students can prepare well in advance for better understanding during the class. The iBooks which are the online version for the coursework of the students are available on the LMS so that they can be accessed by the students at any place and any time. The physical books are also available for the students which are sent to their registered address so that they can make notes and have a tactile experience while studying.
  • Timely notifications: The students do not have to worry about missing the important updates and alerts since the mobile app of the LMS can provide notifications. It is another way for the students to take timely action and manage their academic administration remotely.
  • Learning enablement tools: Various tools for increasing the interaction with the content and the retention of the course work, the micro-learning tools are utilized. An example of this can be the case videos which are created based on the unique case-based learning method as employed in the ICFAI Business School (IBS)curriculum.
  • Impactful exercises: Designed for individual students as well as smaller groups, the engagement exercises simulate practical scenarios and real business challenges. This prompts the students to collaborate and apply the principles learned in their studies to find solutions to management problems.

The students are also familiarized with all aspects and functions of the LMS early in their academic session so that they can make the most of the resources made available. The study plan and schedule also help them in staying on track along with the academic session and even prompts them of certain important milestones through the gamification aspects of the LMS.

These learning methodologies help ICFAI Business School (IBS)in developing and delivering a world-class management education experience to their students even when the campus is closed. The virtual environment of the classes reinforces the learning of the students while creating opportunities for the students to interact with each other and the faculty members. As management is one of the most dynamic fields of studies that change rapidly, the “beyond the classroom” experience of the students develops them to prepare for the demands of the industry. The engaging exercises and meaningful challenges prepare the students well to succeed in their careers and life ahead.

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