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“Life is a cakewalk inside those closed walls of a classroom. Once you pass out with the degree in your hand, you witness the real battle. Suddenly you see all the eyes just staring towards you with expectation and anticipation. People become rationale, relations become demanding and life becomes a struggle without any further assurance of success. The competition gets intense and you just become paranoid with the thought of failure. And just in case if you fail, be ready to see turned backs, broken trust, aloofness along with the blessing of god.”

I passed out of IBS-Gurgaon in 2010 with a good job offer in ING Vysya Bank. Going for meetings, persuading clients, meeting targets and designing portfolios really seemed interesting in the first instance but with the passage of time, it pointed towards the harsh realities of the corporate world. I gained the needed experience from banking industry and joined my dad to head the business of auto security components.

Life seemed great until I suffered some setbacks personally and realized the contrary shades of life. People and environment both are changing at a rapid pace these days which sometimes leaves us perplexed longing for various unanswered questions. Trying to seek answers from my inner-self, I started to write. The writing helped me to relieve out my emotions and I started to preserve them in my diary without sharing it further. Soon, I witnessed some more friends around me going through a similar turmoil not knowing how to stay afloat. I made an attempt to help them with my writings and was luckily blessed with success. And since that point of time, there has just not been any turning back. I got an aim to work for which not only would fulfill my passion but would benefit each and every reader understanding those deep words.

Every poem I have written till date clearly has a story and a message intended to help the people undergoing through the same situation. Words have the power which no weapon can match and my collection of poems is a simple attempt to ease out the pain all around.  The ease and dedication with which every poem has been written would surely connect with the readers and would leave them motivated and inspired in life. Being famous has always attracted me from childhood but the fame has to come only after creating a difference in the society so that the world is a better place to live in for everyone.

Currently I am on the finishing stage of my poetry book which has already received some great publication offers. I am also working on my untitled fiction novel which I feel would be loved by each and every person having a heart.  My poem “The Waiting Heart” has been published in June 2012 Edition of “The Taj Mahal Review” which is Cyberwit’s International Journal devoted to Arts, Literature, Poetry and Culture. My poems on worldwide problems like “Global Warming” and “World Peace” have received appreciation from poetic groups and received invitation for entry in different contests. I am also an active member of poetic groups like “Delhi Poetree” and “Caferati”. We at Delhi Poetree are also organizing the “Thousand Poets Reading” starting October 28, 2012 which would feature writings of some great poets from all over India.

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Contributed by Angad Singh Saluja ( Class of 2010, IBS Gurgaon)

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