My first ever online interview!

Firsts are always scary. And so was this! At least this was how I imagined it to be. Dreaded how will things fall into place. Of not knowing zoom at all, to now being an equal partner. My mind hadn’t been that disrupted like the way it was then. To be unable to answer questions like- how will this go? How will I look? Will I be able to pour my thoughts rightfully to the interviewee? Only I wished someone to save me from the anxiety. And then, there my turn came in. It said and I quote “Radhika un-mute yourself” and it was like I’d lost the power to follow it. Alas! My zoom ditched on me. It wasn’t working, and I thought id lost it. I have lost my chance, it’s over. Then a moment later I received a call, the person said to log in again. And I precisely followed what he said. And there were the faces who, I guess waited so patiently when my zoom hung up on me. They had a warm smile to make me feel at ease. I never imaged it would start at a pace so normal and comfortable. My fear, anxiety had all turned into a feeling which didn’t want the interview to get over. ‘Ask me questions’, was all I wanted. The way they drove the interview had my mind blown, they didn’t make even a question difficult to answer, as if like I’d prepare for it for almost always! The trail had to come to an end, and so warm greetings were exchanged with a click on the red button on the screen.

Radhika Mehra

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