My Experience With IBS

One of the best decisions which helped me to know myself better, provide a platform for growth and experimentation was to join IBS, Bangalore.

It’s been such a great journey so far. A thrilling experience altogether, it’s exciting to see the zeal, energy and motivation the students bring to the campus. We create the environment of enjoyment, learning, knowledge sharing and innovation at IBS.

My experiences from the very beginning had been very special- be it the first day at the campus, the introductory sessions to the final semester! It’s been a pool of developments and continuous learning throughout. I’ve benefited and enjoyed each moment spent. To quote a few- friends form the part and parcel of our lives, at IBS we all mingle with everyone thereby creating a friendly environment. Our faculty, I would say is the most dedicated and friendly one. They are always approachable, thriving with new ideas for the students, willingness to help in each way helps in developing the culture of our college. IBS gives us the platform to showcase our skills not only in the prescribed course but other activities also. We get wide exposure by participating in the management and cultural fests of other B schools as well. IBS hosts number of fests and activities to help us explore our skills and grow ourselves not only intellectually but culturally, at the same time enjoying ourselves to the core. We have Tarkash and Manthan as our business fests, Art beat, festival celebrations, sports events and various parties to keep us engaged and charged all the time!

This has helped me to understand my talent, expertise and areas of interest which could be developed over a period of time. One thing without which my experience remains incomplete is my internship with one of the Big 4 Companies. I can rightly put it as “an internship of life time” and thank IBS for providing me an opportunity to get the feel and look of the corporate world, learn new things and develop myself. Another aspect which I would like to focus on are the teaching techniques adopted by the faculty, focusing more on providing the corporate exposure, assignments with filed visits involving industry interaction and providing us with an opportunity to leave a mark on them by our work and learn as much as possible. The faculty helps and guides us with our moves and actions making us more presentable and meet the required standards.

With all the everyday learning (as it is a continuous process) accompanied by fun and frolic,  with all the fests and other activities at IBS makes me more confident for what I stand for, speak my mind and achieve the desired goals, helping me to grow and strengthen relations each day!

Contributed By : Neha Maggu,Batch 2014, IBS Bangalore






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  1. What is the placement record at IBS Bangalore?? Was there a 100% placement record last year from there??

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