Life of a Master’s student

In this ever-changing world, one has to do too many things to get an edge over peers. 

Management courses are becoming a necessity for students to understand the knowledge of the market and the economy. Most large corporations ensure that their employees have a certain management credential to their name.

There are a lot of students who opt for various master’s programs after working in various industries just to add a feather to their cap. However, there is a journey that a student lives while being in a master’s college to a professional in the corporate world. 

In this blog, I’ll take you through certain points to remember while in college so as to get the most out of your master’s. Being from a non-commerce background, the PGPM journey has been truly special for me. IBS Gurgaon has helped me a lot in developing my true potential. I am making these points from my own experience as a PGPM student at ICFAI Business School.

IBS was established in 1995 and since then it has nurtured many students’ dreams. The college offers a variety of management courses from marketing to finance with an army of faculty working round the clock and mentoring each student.

Do’s of a Master’s program:

1. Patience

2. Internships

3. Career over job

4. Discipline

5. Calendar

6. Responsibility 

Don’ts of a Master’s Programme:

1. Attendance

2. Late submissions

3. Missing out on college activities

4. Lectures

Further let’s discuss each point one by one.

Do’s of a master’s program

In this section, we will explore these points so that students can have an outlook on college life in masters.

●      Patience

It is a point not a lot of people talk about. Post-graduation differs a lot from graduation. It is a new experience for students as there is a lot of diversity in terms of educational backgrounds. Numerous activities are happening in college regularly, guest lectures, seminars, classes, and so many other things, and sometimes trusting the process is all you can do.

It might seem like a lot initially, but its purpose is to prepare you for all that life has to offer. Be patient and learn to adapt to new adventures.

●      Internships

IBS offers a variety of internships to its students in addition to the help of online certifications. While pursuing your master’s make sure that you register yourself in the certification relevant to your subjects to attain a practical understanding of the courses. 

Internships help you understand the functioning of corporates and a clear perspective for choosing your idol career.

●      Career Over Job

One of my professors at IBS Gurgaon told me to always look for long-term opportunities rather than get short-sighted by jumping onto anything that just doesn’t help me in the longer run. Yes, placements are the most crucial part of a management college however we must always look forward to making a career. Look for opportunities that help you elevate your skills and develop you altogether. 

Jobs might not be steady but a piece of strong domain knowledge is, to get the most out of the experiences with the professionals you connect with to acquire perspective.

●      Discipline

One wise man said, “You cannot be motivated every day and that is why you need to be disciplined.” Post-graduation requires a great amount of discipline to take the most of it. With academics, other activities help students develop soft skills as well as a sense of accomplishment after every successful event.

●      Calendar

Maintaining a calendar is crucial for post-graduation. It allows you to meet all the project and activity deadlines. It assists you with all the tasks and you don’t get in a situation where you are unaware of any maneuvers.

It also gives you time for yourself so that you can spare time to enjoy the things you like doing. It organizes your tasks keeping your stress away.

●      Responsibility

IBS has numerous cells and clubs to enhance students’ skills. With various undertakings, students create a path to new opportunities for themselves. Don’t be afraid to take up additional responsibilities as it allows you to manage your time in the best way possible. It also helps in brushing up your skills regularly. It provides you with a certain confidence in yourself.

There are minor things that students tend to overlook constituting major stress later on. Let’s explore what you need to be careful about while pursuing your post-graduation in management.

●      Attendance

Many students tend to not keep an eye on their presence in college, being present in class has a lot of benefits. Professors discuss many instances while teaching that help in gaining an understanding of various industries. Just being attentive in class is individually beneficial to students.

●      Late Submissions

Always be aware of the tasks that are being assigned to you, whether it be reports, presentations, or speeches, refrain from late submissions as it does not give a good impression of your work ethic. Keep a track of time with the tasks you’ve been assigned. Use a calendar to organize your submissions.

●      Missing out

IBS offers a lot of extracurricular activities and it truly helps me live my best college life. Always take up on various non-academic things that come along the way. These help you in forming new connections with like-minded people and get a grasp of knowledge while having fun.

●      Lectures

There are various guest lectures in IBS that allowed me to comprehend numerous industry leaders. I gained a clear perspective of my goals and the steps to achieve them. 

Make sure you interact with the guests and ask questions with an intent to learn and I promise you will get to know something new every single time.

With a lot of sleepless nights while catching up with college comes a sense of fulfillment and achievement. I hope that with these pointers you will gain the most out of your college life. Although it is crucial to get wise to the fact, make sure you are having fun.

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