Leadership: Debugging Failures

Leadership is putting your plan of actions into the right direction and encouraging others to implement those actions with zeal and vigour. It is nothing more than convincing someone to do a task with a feeling of involvement rather than a burden. If the 10 letter word was as simple as that, what could have been the reason of public failures of leadership in almost all fields? You name it politics, sports, science even the Holy Guru’s also which some of the general Indian public seems to believe more than anything else in this world; there has been a complete downfall in almost all industries.  Here I present few of the pitfalls which if not corrected can lead to the downfall of a leader exponentially.

  Vision: if there is anything that brings the leader to the top is the vision he had once. A clear, passionate, straightforward yet vivacious vision should be clear in the mind of the leader. If   the vision loses its clinch of a laser you might see a disappearing leader. A dedicated leader with a clear path can think of defeating the obstacles, however If a leader cannot code or decode the vision with clarity, the leadership skills are in the shades of gray. A leader as a top notch individual should have confidence in his abilities.

 Communication: having a vision will be of no use in case a leader cannot transfer the vision to the people. A leader who can transfer “what he meant” to the followers with a clear motive can expect the people to sense the goals; it removes the misunderstanding and ambiguity part from all the tasks and conversations. Communication is of great importance if a leader is to drive people towards the goal and get the tasks accomplished.

People are not Resources: The biggest misconception with today’s business freak world is the interchangeable use of the word people and exchangeable item.  The biggest quality a leader can have in him is seeing people like a valuable resource rather than interchangeable piece of machinery.  A leader is always the one who focuses on strengths of others rather than their weaknesses. A leader who imbalances the importance of the path to be followed with the result that is the time a leader can expect to be running a one man army.

An individual who cannot manage himself can never manage others.  If there is ever a task of prime importance in the career of leader it is self management. A leader who leads a lot of people is always expected to be above all of the others. A leader, who cannot manage the hormonal balance of his DNA properly, will never present an image to convince others of success.

Leaders driven by fear of failures can never sound the bugle of success.

History will always remain a book of record and life will always be a free frolic like a feather.

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