IBS organizes seminar at Kirori Mal College , New Delhi

IBS conducted an activity based Seminar at Kirori Mal College (KMC) on April 8, 2013.

The topic for the seminar was “Learning Behaviors by Experiential Excercises”.
The speaker for the session was Dr. Anupama Dullo Raina , Faculty and Placement Co-ordinator ,IBS Gurgaon.

She showed the students the real importance of Team-work. The session was interactive and participative as it was based on real life situations, activities to help visualize them instantly and the importance of working as a team.

The students were divided in 4 teams and given some task and by the result of the task performed, Dr. Anupama started her talk on the topic. Thus, all the students were familiarized with the topic instantly.
Going forward, the students were made to act as if they were in an interview and had to show the best of their team work abilities.

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