IBS Online Selection Process – ANKITA BHOSLE

With the transition to online study, I believe my productivity has increased. I don’t have to waste time travelling or stuck in traffic to get to campus. I could use that time reading an article, spending time with my family or doing my favorite activities. The experience has been beneficial to me. It may help me in the future because I now see university or career as an attitude rather than a location.

While the first change to the online caused a flutter of confusion, there are certain advantages to using a virtual classroom. Students may continue engaging in discussion sections and lectures without traveling for an hour, eliminating the anxiety of utilizing public transportation or being in other incubators such as classrooms, public restrooms, and cafeterias. Students can “sit-in” on a lesson despite suffering from a typical cold or seasonal allergy. Not having to pay for Lifts to campus, avoiding side-eyes for my runny nose, or using the last of my hand sanitizer after clutching metropoles has been a huge relief. In other cases, online instruction may have little effect on student behavior or learning. Management students learn and perform as well in live vs recorded lectures, which is heartening at a time like now. The tests were conducted online, however due to the poor quality of the internet connection and the hardware utilized by the students, we had some challenges. It is excellent that college has developed an official “video on” option that required all participants to turn on the video and microphone when needed. It brings the conversation to life and makes it more human. I can’t claim I’m missing something or that the quality has deteriorated. I can only say that I miss attending to campus physically; I like being there, especially now that we are in second semester– but this is not something that the institution can control. I miss interacting with people and forming long-lasting connections, both of which were crucial for me throughout my university years. These relationships will be extremely useful in the future for company, and they must be develop. The fact that we have to stay at home has an impact on all of us, not just myself. I believe it is beneficial for us to get together with friends, laugh, and share our lives with them. We have no choice but to sit inside and listen to every regulation that has been set since it is done for our protection. Of course, it wasn’t anything we anticipated; it just occurred, and we must accept it.

To make my day efficient, I write a list of everything’s I need to do that day. I made a list of the most crucial items. I sometimes attempt to complete the easiest jobs first so that I can forget about them after I’m through. To be effective with distant education, a person must prepare everything they do. Recognize when it’s time to take a break. It’s difficult to push oneself to take a break at home. That’s why, at first, most of my coworkers, including myself, were exhausted.


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