How to make study interesting and fun

We secure our friends not by accepting favors but by doing them.Thucydides (471 BC – 400BC)

Hi there,

Hope your preparation for IBSAT 2013 is on course.

Studying at times can get boring.

Here are some ideas to make it interesting and fun.

1. Study area: Make sure you study area has good lighting and and is cozy. Make sure you have a clean desk. An uninviting study area can make you distracted and lower your productivity.

2. Be organized: Make sure you almost everything you need (like pen, paper, calculator, bottle/glass or water..) – as you sit down to study. Getting up every time to find and get a small time will make you less productive and focused.

3. Stay motivated: Think about what it will mean for you if you do well in your studies. How will it make you feel? If you keep the end result in mind it will help you stay motivated.

Also check out inspiring books and quotes. Take a printout of your favorite one – and paste/pin it somewhere you can see it while you’re studying.

4. Get a friend along: Studying with a friend can also make things fun. Having a friend over can mean you can share notes and tips. These tips can lead to better scores especially if you and your friend motivate each other.

Having a friend to prepare with can be an added motivation or it could be distracting, remember to choose your approach based on your personal learning style.

If you have any friends who have MBA aspirations and have not applied to IBSAT 2013, ask them to apply here –>

Preparing and coming to take test with a good friend can make things a bit easier 🙂

Good luck!
IBS Admissions Team

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