Hertz Car Rentals

Most of us are familiar with the “We are number two” classic ad campaign that Avis had launched to beat Hertz. We have scant heard of advertising for Hertz, which continues to be the Numeruno. Here are a new series of ads for Hertz executed in retro style.

What’s really cool about them is a) The clean lines and bold colours that simplify and yet defy normal contours creating the retro look b) primary use of Hertz brand colours – yellow and blue c) Interesting use of type across the series – again bold, simple and retro d) Different value propositions of Hertz in each ad and tying it all together with “Travelling at the speed of Hertz”. Theoritically, big impact because it integrates as well as keeps gets the ads to propose different points – such as no need to wait for car and no need to wait for reciept. Follows principles of integration and encoding variablity theory. Neat work!


Enjoy them. Such layouts are becoming a rarity.

Prof. Srividya Raghavan (IBS Hyd)



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