Guest Lectures at IBS

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

With this mindset, IBS leaves no stone unturned in getting the best possible efforts for their students, and from those, one is Guest Lectures at IBS, which has been esteemed for a long time.

IBS always looks for different opportunities, through which the students’ knowledge can get enriched and they get more insights into corporate apart from academics, as it promotes new perspectives and opinions which is usually not in the purview of the regular class. So, the college now and there always organizes different guest lectures from several fields so that students can be aware of every domain. Bringing different leaders as speakers from their specific expertise promotes initiative among students that could directly enhance two-way communication and through which students can get to know each other’s perspectives on different situations.

The speakers who address the students are from different domains like Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, and Analytics. The topics such as Investment Banking, Emotional Quotient, Leadership at an unprecedented time, PowerBI, Tableau, SQL, Digital Marketing, Big Data, Leadership Skills & Competencies, stepping into the future, Modern Branding Offline and Online, are covered by IBS for better comprehension and holistic development of our students.

IBS always looks for those speakers who have great; exposure to the corporate world. So, having those leaders as orators helps students strengthen skills like critical thinking, decision making, communication skills, etc. Guest lecture breaks monotony and updates student’s interest in career opportunities & career paths in new domains. 

Knowing about a better future career sparks confidence and inspires students to prepare not only theoretical concepts; but also, in real situations, these concepts are not included in the syllabus. Guest lectures also help the students with networking skills by elaborating them the insights of it and how these skills can assist them in the future. 

Students’ questions can be classified into two categories; one in the domain-specific query and the second, around corporate life. Recently, one guest lecture took place where one student asked about hedge funds and why there are fewer hedge funds available in India. Another student in a different guest lecture asked question related to Emotional Quotient that how one can improve his Emotional Intelligence so that one can be in a better situation with the emotion part during his corporate journey. These sorts of questions reflect the student’s mentality and eagerness to learn more. 

The Expert can aid the individual in the particular field in which the student is thinking for their career. Inviting guest speakers is a new way to learn about a specific topic for the students in a unique way and open new doors for better career opportunities and growth prospects.

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