Fortifying Education with Experience at IBS.

mrntor1“Fortifying Education with Experience at IBS” through Student Mentor ship Program.  Research indicated that Mentoring by an academician in the school/college for a period of two years has been found to be very effective in combating several factors.  Studies have shown that there is a strong positive correlation between students involvement in mentoring relationship and the successful outcome in the school.


As the students are from pan India, they are given a hand holding from the day one they join the school and continue to guide until they complete the program and leave the school. Majority of these students come out of their homes for the first time, they will be under tremendous stress because of new environment, new college, new friends and lot of books to study. It is the time, they require someone to give them a comfort of commodore.  Mentoring helps because it guarantees a new student who has come to a new place that institute provides someone to care of me. Students see in the mentors an valued friend who is there to help in any situation.

Each faculty has a different style of advising or mentoring, but the fundamentals remain the same for the faculty.  Faculty mentorsplay a crucial role in the success of students at IBS as we keep hearing from students who have completed the program even after several years they do remember the faculty who have mentored. It is also the responsibility of the students to part the responsibility for ensuring more productive and more rewarding mentoring. Both the mentor and mentee play the role for successful mentoring.

IBS has institutionalized “Student Mentor ship Program” to promote quality learning experience.  Student Mentoring provide a platform for the men tee to freely express himself/herself in pursuit of his/her goals; to provide guidance in academics; to enhance students’ eligibility for placements by reducing cases of academic afflictions; to help students realize that they should be a part of  solution to their problems.

Student Mentor ship Program

Each faculty (Mentor) is allotted 20 students (10 from junior and 10 from senior batches).  The Mentor allots time to the students every week for meeting them in their office.  The are scheduled in the time table. Mentors also act as interface between the student and parent for information of their wards.  There are several ways mentors help the men tees (students):

Support for Settlement: Helps the junior batch students to adopt to new environment; Helps in getting to know the places in the city; Helps in knowing Dos and Don’s of the place

Support for education: Mentors keep track of attendance of the students; Mentors guide in assignments and cases to improve academic skills; Mentors monitor the evaluation of the students and counsel them if necessary; Mentors help to improve the students self-esteem; Mentors help them to improve communication skills.

Support in the workplace: Mentors helps the students to set their career goals and ways to achieve them; Mentors through their industry linkages, help the students to meet the professionals from industry, identify internships and placements.

IBS has a large alumni base working in India and abroad.  As a step forward, mentoring is not only done by the faculty, but also by the alumni.  Alumni guide the students as to how to prepare for the interview and pick up the right job.

Contributed By : Dr. Venkat, Program Head, PGPM, IBS Business School.

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