To pen down the experiences at IBS Pune is truly exciting. Life here is a mixed bag of many events. The idea of coming to IBS Pune was a tough decision since I had other options in hand.

Nevertheless a new beginning flagged off after 4 years of work experience with a Pharma R&D. I was slightly scared, not about coming back and studying but of the company of students who would have been at least 5 years younger than me. This half a decade difference made me suspect that I would be akin to senior citizen sitting in a youngsters’ park.

But my perception changed as the time flew. I did not realize how time moved so fast with barely one more semester to go.

I had a rewarding time at IBS Pune. The teachers were very supportive and the subjects interesting. I would insist that my friends pursue an MBA if they get such an opportunity. The teachers here have a host of industry connections, mix with students and never hesitate to try and solve the problems of students. They take time out of their busy schedule to counsel the students. For a person like me who had never studied finance, it was not easy to understand and compete with other proficient students on the campus. The assignments given by some of the faculty, were fun and added lot to the learning, not just of the subject but for life.

A lot of events kept happening on the campus. It started off with the freshers’ party and every one of us enjoyed it thoroughly. ZEAL followed and then came the farewell. Fellow students, staff and faculty took utmost efforts to make each event a big success.

Apart from this the IBS staff too took time and effort to remind us students to adhere to the rules and regulations pertaining to punctuality, submissions and even attendance.

I cannot wait enough for Campus Recruitment to take off, get selected and utilize the golden opportunity to apply the lessons learnt here. I would cherish the remaining moments to be spent on this inspiring campus.

Contributed by Nilu Mishra (Batch 2014, IBS Pune)

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